Apple TV App- Catch up All Your Favorite Programs at One Place


In the hi-tech era, where almost everything is getting revolutionized, then TV watching is also continuously becoming an exciting activity. There are lots of channels available in the market, through which you can easily see live or reordered programs. But now, with the announcement of Apple TV app, you can catch up all your favorite TV shows and movies published on different channels at one place.

At the MacBook Event, Tech giant unveiled a sensational announcement regarding its brand new TV app, named TV that will let you see the TV content on your Apple devices. This declaration is pretty exciting because, with the app, you can take your TV with you anywhere and enjoy your desired shows and movies anytime.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated: “We want Apple TV App to be the one place to watch all of your TV content, a unified experience that offers one universal interface to enjoy your all favorite shows and movies across all your devices.”

He also said: “There is no reason to watch TV anywhere else. Our new TV app will completely change how you watch TV on your Apple TV as well as your iPhone and iPad.”

Presently, the Apple app store is a big home of 8,000 apps of which 2,000 are game apps. There are more than 1,600 video app providers will support the TV app to be a great one place where users can browse shows and movies from numerous services. Hence. The Apple TV app doesn’t support some of the most popular services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies and TV. So, if you’re a big fan of any of these and thinking about watching them via Apple TV, you’ll be left a little disappointed.


The 5 Key Features of Apple TV App

Followings are the Prominent Features you can find in the Apple’s TV app:

Watch Now:

One of the most appealing features of the Apple’s TV app is Watch Now. This allows you to watch your collection of available TV show and movies from partnered- apps and iTunes. From Watch Now, you can also easily access to Up Next or Recommended to select what to see.

Up Next:

Though users can enjoy the TV shows and movies they’re currently watching, including all the latest iTunes rentals and purchases, all the content is presented in the order they’re most likely to watch first. For example, when viewers watch a complete episode of their favorite shows, the next one will be automatically looked at the start of the Up Next queue. Furthermore, being a user of Apple TV app, you can simply ask Siri to continue watching a show and instantaneously watch from where you left off.


Another lucrative feature of the TV app is a recommendation. Users can easily explore a great selection of trending and curated shows and movies in different categories and genres like comedy, kids, and sci-fi etc.


How can you catch up your favorite TV shows and movies in Apple’s TV app? With the library feature, you can access your complete collection of iTunes TV shows and movies that you’ve rented or purchased on iTunes.


With the brand new Apple’s TV app, there is no need to download or subscribe the content. You can look into the Store to find out great new content through its video services which offer the latest releases on iTunes. Woo! It’s really amazing and something new that we’ve never seen in video Apps before.


The new Apple TV app will be available on iOS, MacOS and tvOS for free at the end of the year in the United States. So, Stay tuned with us to get more updates about it!

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