Don’t Miss 5 Hidden Features of iOS 10 on Your iPhone


If you’re an iPhone addict, you’ve probably updated your phone to iOS 10.

Revealed about a month ago, iOS 10 is a giant update of Apple’s operating system with a bundle of new features. From the pretty iMessage App to Apple Music, magnifying, and jailbreaking, there are a handful attributes you can find in new OS. Since all these amazing features make iPhone or iPad experience more exciting, iOS 10 is considered as the Apple’s best, most dominant, and genuine mobile OS at the moment.

But in the initial spell of excitement, there are sure to be more features that most of Apple users haven’t yet discovered. So, I’m here to tell you some hidden secrets of iOS 10 which are definitely interesting and useful ones. Let’s have a look at!

5 Hidden iOS 10 Features

  1. Optimize Storage to Get More Space on your Phone

As an iPhone user, there is nothing worse than the fear of getting “Storage Almost Full” notification. But with iOS 10 update, you can easily avoid this notification and save more storage space on your iPhone, enabling the ‘Optimize Storage’ option.

How to turn on ‘Optimize Storage’ Option?

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap the Music section.
  • Turn on the ‘Optimize Storage’.


  1. Search Your Photos by Category

This iOS 10 feature is really powerful when it comes to looking for your photos. With ‘Photos App’, you can auto-organized your photo and video albums in different categories and find them easily by clicking the Memories tab. For example, you can search for Family Albums that contain the photos of your family occasions, and the Photos app will show you these photos that you’ve captured before.

How to search your photos?

  • Simply tap the Photos Tab.
  • Tap the search icon in the top bar.
  • Enter a search term as landmarks, wallpapers, or family photos etc.
  • All of the photos that come under the specific search term category will be displayed.

Optionally, you can search your photos and videos by category with Siri Voice-command. Just activate Siri and say ‘Find Photos with a wallpaper, family photo, or landmark.       

  1. Find Your Missing Apple Watch

With previous versions of iOS and Apple watch, you can ping your iPhone from your watch to find it with a sound. But now with iOS 10 and watch OS 3, you can track down your Apple watch in a different way. You can easily trace your misplaced Apple Watch from your iPhone through Find My iPhone App.

How to locate your Apple Watch?

  • Download ‘Find My iPhone App’ from the Apple Store.
  • Log in with your iCloud Account.
  • Open the App and a list of available devices appears
  • Choose your Apple Watch from the list.
  • The last-known location will appear on the map.
  • Tap the icon to view buttons for Play sound
  • Select lost mode and Erase Watch.


  1. Limit Widget Access on the Home Screen

The most recent version of Apple’s OS, iOS 10 also have made some improvements in the functions of the lock screen. With iOS 10, you can find your apps information on the home screen. Swiping to the left Lock Screen view will display the Today widgets that can offer you comprehensive information from apps installed on your iPhone or iPad at a glance. Hence, if you’re privacy conscious person, you can silence that information on the Lock Screen to protect your privacy.

How to disable this Lock Screen feature?

  • Open Settings.
  • Choose ‘Touch ID & Passcode’.
  • Tap the icon ‘Allow Access’.
  • Lock and disable the ‘Today View Option’.
  1. Unlock your Device with Touch ID Sensor

Another amazing hidden feature that makes iOS fans happy is; unlock your iPhone touching your finger on the Home screen. The touch ID sensor option allows you to unlock your phone just your touching behavior instead of pressing the Home Button. The good news is that you can also reserve your iOS 9 behavior with this iOS 10 feature.

How to use this unlocking feature?

  • Open the Settings.
  • Choose General > Accessibility.
  • Select the Home Button Option.
  • Tap the option ‘Rest Finger to Open’, and enable it.
  • Touch your finger on the Home screen and unlock your device.


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