How to download Torrents on Android Device


Torrents are the best way of downloading files so if you use torrent on your PC to download files, you can now use it on your android device. It is very easy to Find and Download torrent on android device. Torrent allows you to download any type of file on your android, you can download movies, videos and also you can download and install apk files for your android device, through torrent you can download files like compressed (.zip) file and (.exe) files but exe files are for computer, these files don’t work on android but still you can download them via torrent and later on you may transfer them to your PC.

The good and the best thing about downloading any file through torrents is that, it is paused whenever your internet connection is not available and continues the remaining on the availability of the internet. So, you don’t have to worry if your internet connection is lost because torrent files continues and don’t start from all over.

Steps to Download Torrents on Android devices

You can follow the steps below to know how to download torrents on android.


  • First of all, if you want to download torrents then you need to download the torrents client app from Google Play Store.
  • You can download uTorrent, BitTorrent or tTorrent to download torrent files on your android.


  • After you have download a torrent client on your android device. You need to go to any torrent search engine where torrent files are available to download through torrent client.
  • So, open your phone’s browser and type in It is the most popular torrent search engine for movies. You can also go to the torrent engine which has other computer files too.


  • Now after you are in to any torrents site, search for any movie or file you want to download. Open that movie or and file click on download torrent, a small file will be downloaded immediately. In yts torrents site, there will two options available 720p and 1080p. You can click any one of them to download torrent of your choice quality.

Note: Torrents with greater seeders and less peers are more good to download.


  • After you have downloaded a small torrent file, open that file and a popup will appear showing the torrent app option. Click on the torrent app that you have on your phone.


  • Now select the destination folder for it and click start to download the torrent file. And All Done!!

Noe you have successfully added a torrent file to download. Soon it will complete downloading. Hope you like our tutorial to download torrents on Android device. If you have any problems then ask in the comments section. Also share it, sharing buttons are below.

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