5 Most Fast and Light Launchers Android – 2016


Android is the most successful, popular and famous Operating system developed and operated by the best, Google. It is popular and liked by people worldwide because it has easy and atractive interface, it’s highly customizable and it is easy to update and install third party apps and custom roms. If you want your Android device to be fast and change its interface without buying a new one then Android Launchers will do this for you. There are 5 Most Fast and Light Launchers for Android that will customize your phone and make it faster.

An Android launcher is a Custom User interface  that replaces the System User Interface but it is more faster, stable and customizable with more features than system’s user interface. If you want to customize your android phone and make it faster then I will show you these 5 Most Fast and Light Launchers Android that will make your phone super fast. So, let’s start.

Fast and Light Android Launchers

5 Most Fast and Light Launchers Android

You can install any one from these fast and light launchers android and make your phone look cool, premium and faster than ever. If you are looking for a light and fast android launcher, then below is the list of these launchers. All the launchers below are free on Google Play Store. You pick the one of your own choice. Now have a see on my list of most fast and light launchers for android.

#1) Smart Launcher 3

If you are looking towards the simplicity and performance then none other launcher is better than  Smart Launcher 3. It is an update of Smart Launcher 2. Smart Launcher is very light android launcher and easy to use with just one tap away from any app you want. Accompanied by a  very sleek and impressive interface with innovative design that makes your android intuitive and well managed. You will like this launcher definitely. Just give it a try.

Smart Launcher 3
Price: Free+

#2) Solo Launcher

On second position we have here is Solo Launcher. Solo launcher might be the just you want because it is has all the qualities that should be in a fastest Android launcher. It is smoother to use, it has clean design with awesome animations. Solo Launcher just occupies a small amount of space and has a very quick response. It manages to clean the Ram and be at its minimum at all the time which makes your phone faster also making the battery timing improved. It has amazing features like, search for information, quick gestures, DIY with photos, clean and boost etc. The rating on Google play for this launcher is 4.5.

Solo Launcher-Clean,Smooth,DIY

#3) C Launcher

The full name is C launcher Speedy Brief Launch. If you are looking for a fast and light launcher with some features and more customization than C launcher can land perfectly on your way. It has awesome design and powerful built-in functions. C launcher tracks your phone and gives you suggestion about the apps you use frequently, it also has a system cleaner (optimizer) and comes with variety of themes. In short C Launcher is fast, simple, secure, customizable and one of the lightest android launcher. Rating on Google Play is 4.6.

#4) Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher also stands in on of the fast and light launchers android. Windows OS fans should like this launcher because it has a quite similar feel and functions. The launcher is very light and fast. On lollipop OS the performance of this Launcher is Skyrocket. Like Windows OS, Action Launcher has a smart bar that comes out from the left side with your favorite apps by swiping. Some features include quick theme, quick bar, quick edit, smartsize icons, quick drawers, shutters etc. It has an average rating of 4.1 on Google Play.

Action Launcher 3
Developer: Action Launcher
Price: Free+

#5) ADW Launcher

Last but not Least is ADW Launcher that comes in the list of Most Light and Fast Launchers for Android. ADW Launcher is a very reputable launcher in the history of Android Launchers. The launcher has customizable functions and consumes very low memory. You can install different themes, skins and gesture operations for doing things with animations and smoothness. ADW Launchers is very light weight and fast. Rating on Google Play is 4.3.

ADW Launcher 2
Developer: AnderWeb
Price: Free+

So this was my list of 5 Most Fast and Light Laucnhers Android. Hope you like it. Now let us and others know in the comments below that which lightest launcher you like the most. Also share it to your friends on facebook, twitter, pinterest, GooglePlus etc. Follow us on  twitterfacebookGooglePlus.

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