Free Music downloading apps for Android- Top 2016


Listening and streaming Music on Android gives an awesome experience and that’s why smartphones are replacing mp3 players and other portable music devices. There are huge number of Music apps available for Android, some people stream music while some want to download their favorite music so that they can listen to it offline. People used to download music on computer then transfer it to phone but now because of fast Wi-Fi and data networks we can download songs directly to phone. So here take a look at the best free music downloading apps for Android.

Free Music Downloading Apps for Android

Music Downloading Apps Android

4Shared Music

4Shared is a dedicated file search app and now a music downloader as well, it has an enormous number of free music tracks. This app also offers 15GB space where the downloaded music is automatically added and you can also upload favorite songs, for music lovers it is best app.

Developer: New IT Solutions
Price: Free

Google Play Music

Google play music is another popular music downloading app with over 35 million songs. It is Google’s market place for music but you can still often download free albums and tracks. It has become a major app of mobile music industry, Google play music is also a great music player.

Google Play Music
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free


RockMyRun is best workout music app and also lets you download music. This app offers DJ mixed playlist for workout soundtrack. It has MyBeat feature that lets you create a playlist to suit your workout style. You can also match your BPM to your heart rate and that’s why this app is useful to keep your body in shape with cool workout music.

RockMyRun - Best Workout Music

Palco Mp3

Palco Mp3 lets you stream radio station and create playlist of your favourite songs and also download them for offline playback. It is actually a platform for Brazilian independent musicians where they can upload and share their songs with the world. So if you’re fond of Brazilian music like Bossa Nova, Samba, electronica and hip hop this is the app you need.

Palco MP3
Developer: Studio Sol
Price: Free


SoundCloud is the most popular music and audio app for Android, it is free only till the end of 2016 after that they will charge subscription fee. They have unlimited music available for streaming and downloading, around 12 hours the audio is being uploaded every minute. SoundCloud also up to dates live music and recordings, All the music on SoundCloud is not available for downloading but most of them are, try this awesome music app and you’ll enjoy for sure.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
Developer: SoundCloud
Price: Free

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