How to Get Access iOS Home Screen Icons Inside Any App?


As an iPhone or iPad user, you can easily understand how your home screen begins to get jumbled when you download more and more apps. Even though you don’t have any specific way of arranging and accessing the home screen icons home of your iOS device, it doesn’t mean you can’t customize it in your own way. The latest jailbreak tweak called as ‘RiftBoard’ has made it easier to organize your home screen and find your apps easily. RiftBoard not only allows you to get access home screen icons from within apps but also helps you in arranging your favorite icons through a quick gesture.

The latest version of iOS 10 update has tempted many jailbreak users to trench the liberty of an unbounded device to avail the new exciting features of iOS. Although the foregoing updates and features of jailbreak are inter-meshing the interest and requisites of the users very well, but when a yearly update hits the market, many of the users even the most loyal ones get tempted to avail that. Enigmatically, for those who did not update the OS of their Apple device, iOS 10 is yet to be jailbroken. Hence, many hackers and security researchers have revealed that the iteration is prone to exploits of the same.


What Do You Need to Know about RiftBoard?

The app is really amazing and fully functional, so here’s everything you should know about it.

A Nifty Tweak Making its Way to Cydia Stores

Nowadays, a natty jailbreak tweak has become an enticement for the iOS users making its way to Cydia stores named as “RiftBoard”. This tweak is accessible in the BigBoss repository.

The Thrust Behind

The aim of this tweak is to support a swift process of switching between the apps, customizing apps and to make the entire progression integrated and unified.

Key Features

This tweak is a conjunction with the famous Ryan Petrich’s Activator tweak proffering the following added features;

  • A swift call on SpringBoard within an app at via a gesture of choice.
  • Overlaying the app along with all icons on the home screen including Dock apps.
  • Blurring the background by the user-stipulated amount.
  • Accelerating the process while creating the illusion of navigation free of the home screen.


This app uses an activator to proceed with the progression. Your single gesture will give you an access to all you need. To bring up RiftBoard, just swipe to the left side of your iOS device and a spotlight search screen will appear relating to activation options. The customization options are straightforward and here you can set your preferences. You can enable the app interaction or to quickly dismiss them. You can set visual and functional options to operate your iOS device in your own way. For the user-friendly interface, its preferences are translated into 11 different languages that include; Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Finnish, Romanian, Catalan, Malay, Hebrew, Maltese and German.

RiftBoard preferences let the customization of the launching of animation more speedy. The set level of background hazed background let you enable a feature that let you continue intermingling with the apps in the background while the SpringBoard is superimposed. Arranging the icons just right of the home screen is not preferable for multi-tasking.

Compatibility and Price

This amazing tweak will cost you just $1.99 and is compatible with iOS 9.x and iOS 8.x along with iOS 10. Get this amazing app and enjoy your all favorite apps on the home screen of your Apple device!

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