How to Get Android Apps Enabled on Dell Chromebook 13?


Imagine you’re accessing your favorite Android apps on your Chromebook! What would be your feelings if this dream comes true? Cheers Android for making it a reality! Yes, you read the right! Android Apps arrive on Chrome OS. Undoubtedly it is a big deal, but sadly it is not favorable for all models because Google has some compatibility issues. So far only three Chromebooks can officially enable Android applications, from which one is Dell Chromebook 13.

Dell Chromebook 13 is one of the most popular laptops available at the present era. It has come on the line to obtain Android applications and Google Play support. Unlike other Chromebooks which are running apps within their Beta Channels, enabling the feature on the Dell’s 13-inch Chromebook will require some more technical steps for flipping to the beta funnel.

Which Apps can you install?

With the release of Android apps on Dell’s 13-inch Chromebook, you’re able to download and install almost any Android app. For instance, you can easily download and enjoy Netflix, Skype, Microsoft Word, Angry Birds and many other apps.

Conversely, there are some apps restricted by hardware, therefore, they won’t run on your laptop. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp won’t run on a laptop because they are third-party apps. Neither can you get such apps that require GPS or a rear camera.


How Can you get Android apps on your Chromebook 13?

The arrival of Android apps is rolled out only for Beta channel of Chrome OS. So, if you can’t wait for official release for public, still you can get enabled it through a complex procedure.

If you’re thinking about running apps on your Dell Chromebook, the first and foremost thing to note down is; it is unstable or even unusable. So, please enable it at your own risk! Proceed with caution and take a backup on a flash drive before performing the steps below.

To get enabled this feature, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Flip over to the Beta Channel if you’ve not already. To switch into beta, navigate Chromebook’s settings > About Chrome OS > More Info > Change Channel > Beta.
  2. Then, enable developer mode by pressing Esc + Refresh (F5) + Power. After that, the screen will be blank followed by a warning screen. When this appears, hit Ctrl + D to get into recovery mode. It takes about 15-20 minutes, so be patient.
  3. Once developer mode is done, the next step is to shift to the canary channel. To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + T and a Crosh tab will be opened. Enter the code correctly given below. Press enter after pasting each code:
  • sudo cp /etc/chrome_dev.conf /usr/local/
  • sudo mount –bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf
  • sudo echo “–enable-arc ” >> /etc/chrome_dev.conf
  1. Once these codes have been entered, close the Crosh tab and Press Ctrl + Shift + Q two times to log out. Once you’ve signed out, sign back in.
  2. After following all steps, reboot your machine. The play store option will be available in your settings now. Sign in and get access Google Play on your gadget.

Enable it right now and enjoy your favorite Android apps on your Dell Chromebook 13!  

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