Pokemon Go Halloween Update- Enjoy Some Special Treats on This Spooky Event


Halloween is just around the corner! Everybody is thinking about how they can make ultimate fun at the spookiest day of the year. So, Pokémon Go users! What’s your plan about Halloween celebrations? Looking for some special treats at this seasonal event? Well, here’s the biggest update for you. The Pokemon Go Halloween Event is now live! It kicked off 26 October and runs until 1st November.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event update

Pokémon Go is the most lucrative game played by millions of people all over the world. The maker of this famous game, Niantic is celebrating this special occasion by launching the ever first mega event for the app and it’s themed for Halloween. With the release of the recent update, players can expect an array of special Halloween-related features in Niantic’s game. If you open the game app on your smartphone, it’ll look like the game is going to celebrate the spooky event. Along with putting some monsters in the background, the Pokemon Go Halloween Event update gives players a chance to find and catch more ghost-type Pokemon, and get double candies as a bonus.


Some Special Treats of Pokemon Go Halloween Event Update

Four special changes are released in the game as a part of the Halloween update:
• There is an increase in the chances of finding the spookiest Pokemon: Drowzee, Gengar, Ghastly, Golbat, Hypno, Haunter, and Zubat. You can also see Marowak and Meowth Pokémon at Halloween special event.
• In keeping with the Halloween momentum, as a trainer, you will capture more monsters and receive six candies for each captured Pokémon rather than three candies. You’ll also get rewarded two candies for transferring your Pokémon to the professor instead of one.
• You will get twice candies as many candies as usual with each egg hatching.
• The final sweet treat is; you will get four candies for Buddy Pokémon instead of just one.
Though the Halloween event update for Pokemon is not introducing any new gaming feature, it is all quite pretty exciting if you’re one of those who still playing this smash hit mobile game. The update is a remix of the typical game and describes the Niantic’s Halloween excitement, simply allowing people to catch certain spooky creatures that they usually wouldn’t see in the real world.

Let’s watch 30-seconds Halloween Update video posted up over on the Pokemon Go YouTube channel.

If you never play this game before, download Pokemon Go on your iOS or Android device through Apple Store and Google Play Store respectively. Install it now and celebrate the Halloween in an exciting way!


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