How to Protect Your iPhone From Hackers?


If I say we store our entire lives on our smartphones, it would not be wrong. From our personal correspondence, photos and videos to financial information, official documents and credentials, we save all things in our phones. But ever you think how to protect your phone. With the lots of iPhone hacking or unlocking incidents around the world, people are becoming more and more conscious about the safety and security of their private data. Though Apple’s iOS system is secure, there are many ways to maximize your iPhone security.

4 Tips to Secure Your iPhone

Here, I’m going to share some valuable tips to protect your iPhone from hackers. Follow them and stop prying eyes getting to your private data.

Keep iOS Up to Date

My first tip is very simple and easy; just make sure that you’re running the most recent version of iOS with every dot updates. Sometimes, potential hackers discover flaws in Apple’s coding which they can exploit and get access to your personal data. With the new iOS updates, Apple combats the exploits by covering all loopholes in iOS and implementing better stability enrichment. The latest version of iOS 9.3.5 has a feature to address the mobile threat named as “Trident”, a vulnerability found in iOS 9 that can be used to record and read texts calls and emails.

How to update iOS?

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap General > Software update.
  • Get a notification letting you know you’re already using the most recent version of IOs or be promoted download and install the latest update.


Create a Passphrase

Do you think 4-digits pin code can provide you the utmost protection? No. Well, no need to worry about your sensitive data stored on your iPhone. With iOS 9 updates, you can easily create a six digits passcode for your mobile. But, if you think that it may not be enough to prevent hackers’ threats, then you should create a passphrase. Hence, passcodes use only numbers 0-9, a passphrase contains numbers, letters, symbols and capitalization. That’s why; it makes your phone a lot harder to unlock.

How to build a passphrase?

  • Open Settings app
  • Go General > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode
  • Tap ‘Passcode options’ and choose ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code’
  • Enter a complex password and secure your iPhone.


 Auto-Wipe Phone Content

It is a very helpful option if you feel like someone is trying to unlock your iPhone by guessing your passcode. With this great option, if someone tries to guess your phone passcode 10 times, your phone will automatically remove all content and make your smartphone useless for a hacker. It is a slightly risky option as you accidently activate this feature and mistakenly delete all your private data. However, Apple also offers you a solution for this problem. You can use an automatic iCloud backup. It enables you to save your all data on your iCloud account. So, if your date is wiped for any reason, you can easily get it back.

How to Enable Auto-wipe content option?

  • Open Settings
  • Go ‘Touch ID & Passcode’
  • Scroll to the end of the page
  • And select ‘Erase Data’


Enable “Find My Phone”

Another way you can fight against hackers’ war is to enable ‘Find my phone’ app. The app was formerly optional but with the release of iOS 9, Apple made this app as default that can’t be deleted from smartphones. With this app, if you lose your mobile device then you can easily sign in Find My iPhone app from another iOS device or via the web and remotely wipe your all data stored on your phone.

How to wipe your phone data remotely with this app?

  • Log in to the App or iCloud website
  • Choose your phone
  • Tap ‘Erase iPhone’
  • And confirm the action.


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