Samsung Galaxy S8 is Coming Soon! Can It Revamp Samsung?


After the death of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean tech giant is daunting for their future in the smartphone business. But the company did not lose the hope and is still trying to move on from the massive PR disasters in the recent days. To fill their wounds, Samsung is planning to release a brand new smartphone, named Samsung Galaxy S8 in the coming year.

Rumors suggest Samsung is going to launch a new flagship phone that will be the only premium smartphone available in 2017. The company is putting their best efforts to make the upcoming Galaxy S8 a sleek, flawless, and well-featured handset.

The Notable Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

Of course, nothing about Galaxy S8 is official yet. But the rumors have been starting to expose some information about the Samsung’s next handset. According to some reports, Galaxy S8 is in development process and it is expected to have many minor changes, hence, there are some exciting features that make this new handset sound worth waiting for:

  • Edge-to-Edge Screen

The current report indicates that Samsung is going to be introducing a digital onscreen Home Button instead of using its traditional Home Button from the bottom. This feature would offer the S8 a full edge-to-edge display. The fingerprint sensor is also expected to be incorporated directly into the display. Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two versions, both having edge screens. One display size will be QHD 5.1-inch and the other one will be 5.5-inch with the 4K super AMOLED display, Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 830 chipset, and 6 GB of RAM.


  • Dual-Lens Cameras

According to the recent rumors, Samsung suppliers are filling orders for dual-lens cameras that capture DSLR-like photos. The Company will likely to use its own components to support more megapixels and brighter lenses in the Samsung Galaxy S8. It will be using two 16 MP cameras on the back with an 8 MP front-facing camera with a super wide f/1.4 aperture which is higher than Apple’s iPhone 7.


  • Slick Design

When the design is concerned, Samsung’s VP of mobile communications announced that upcoming smartphone will feature a “slick design”. Other rumored design changes include a full-screen and bezel-less display. Moreover, it will be released in four vibrant shades of blue, red, yellow and purple.


Some other rumored prominent features of the Galaxy S8 are USB-C Audio, Google’s Daydream VR support, and Al Virtual Assistant that will make the Samsung S8 a game changer.

Expected Price:

Rumors reveal that if Samsung will add more new features in Galaxy 8, then the price might go up due to its costly modern technology. Hence, the company might be interested in keeping the price reasonable where it is or even minimizing it considerably in order to grab the attention of more and more customers.

Nevertheless, Samsung needs to recover the Galaxy 7 Note loss as quickly as possible and the S8 is their premium product, so a high price tag is definite. Because of introducing multiple new features and improvements in the upcoming handset, it is anticipated that it will be available at the same current price of Galaxy S7.

Release Date

Reports also reveal that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be landed on February 26, 2017, just one day before Mobile World Congress kicks off. Samsung has started placing component orders for the S8, according to The Korea Herald.

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