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How to Use Your Android Device as Remote Control

Of course! One can use an Android phone as a remote control. It seems like the world is coming close to the point being able to control just about any household appliance from a single device. You need Apps to turn your Android smartphone into a remote control for your TV, PC, and other electric appliances. Whether that’s using the InfraRed blaster found on some handsets, or via an app that can control a smart TV.

Note: Not all the devices are capable of running these apps but I’m positive that you will find at least one to work for you.

Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote boasts support for over 900,K devices and more is added on a frequent basis. Best thing, This is not just for televisions you can also control AC or Heating appliances, DSLR cameras and many other electric appliances. It works quite well as long as your device is compatible.

On Google Play

ASmart Remote IR

This app with added support for a massive range of devices that can be controlled via infrared from your phone. Just select the item from the list, choose the model, and you’re ready to go. It has macro support too, if you regularly need to perform a whole lot of tasks in just one press. It’s the IR part of the name that you should be focusing on.

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IR Universal TV Remote

The app can control more than just your TV, but only via infrared. It provides the option to remove the ads via an in-app purchase, which those others do not. It works in the same way as ASmart Remote IR, in terms of allowing you to add more devices and controls as needed, but there are a few more options to tweak. Removing ads would cost $3.99.

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Roku app allows you to queue up video content from your Roku channels and also acts as a remote control. It won’ t control your TV like most remote apps, but if the volume is at the right level then there really isn’t much on your actual TV that you need to control.

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Twinone IR Remote

Needs an IR blaster to control things. You’ll be able to use it on most televisions and set top boxes. It also supports a few additional IR devices that don’t fit into those categories. On the downside you cannot remove the ads, not yet maybe in the future. It’s entirely free though and you gotta try it, if none of the above worked.

On Google Play

Sure Universal Control

The first time you set up a device within the app, you’re walked through the process, which none of the others do. With clear instructions and controls that work reliably, Sure is one of the few remote controls on Google Play worth its annual subscription cost, which works out at about $5 currently. You can even back up and restore your remotes from the cloud, a Sure account is needed.

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Manufacturer Specific Apps

Many manufacturers have been releasing smart TVs. Those TVs are WiFi capable and many of them have specific remote apps that work for them. For instance, if you have an LG smart TV, you may want to try the LG TV Remote. There are others for brands like Vizio, Samsung, and many others. No IR blaster is needed, wifi does all the job.

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