How to back up your Facebook data

Few months back, Facebook added a new feature “Account archive” which will let you download a back up copy of all important Facebook data. With over 800 Million users, Facebook has made it a place where a lot of sharing would happen. Your Timeline contains your posts, photos, videos and other things. Maybe you want to take a break from Facebook or permanently delete your account, you probably won’t want to lose this information.

These days most of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ offers data export settings. When you use Facebook backup feature, you would be able to take back up of:

  • Your Facebook profile photos and Videos
  • Your Wallposts, messages and Facebook chat history
  • Also, your friend’s name and Emails

Thats How it’s Done

The process is actually fairly straightforward now and shouldn’t take you very long to complete.

1. Go to your Facebook Settings page. Choose ‘Settings’. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see the option to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’.

2. To start the process click ‘Download a copy’. It takes you to a page that explains what you get when you export your Facebook data. To begin downloading, click ‘Start My Archive’.

3. Security check, You need to enter your password for security. Click ‘Start My Archive’ again to begin.

4. Next it will tell you where the link for the data archive will be sent to. You will also get a notification on Facebook informing you that your data is ready for downloading. Same as your Facebook notification, but via email as well.

5. This will contain the link that you need to start downloading your information.

6. Click on the unique link that you are given at the bottom of the email. You will be directed back to Facebook, where you will see the Download Archive link. Click on that link.

7. There, enter your password and hit Submit. Now, your data will be started to download. The size of this download will vary greatly depending on how often you use Facebook, and what you have uploaded to the site over the years.

All your albums and individual photographs, including your recent and older profile pictures will be stored in the Photo’s folder and will be stored in individual sub-folders.

That’s it! Your whole life on Facebook is backed up. Keep it safe now and make a copy of it, just in case.


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