Best Alternatives to GarageBand

GarageBand is a popular tool that lets users to generate mix music. The reason GarageBand is so popular is because it comes with the best features that you need to create a perfect song. GarageBand comes with a set of tutorials to instruct you how to sing at piano or guitar. It is also useful for professional as it supports plugins of the instruments, microphone and record whatever you sing.

The software is engineered mainly for early learners and amateurs. Different effects can also be applied besides adding drummers, fix rhythm automatically, visual equalizers and much more. GarageBand is an entire music creation studio right inside your Mac.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry have used and are still using the application to record their hits or to create some music in their free time. The only drawback of the Garageband is it is only available for Mac computers and iOS devices. But you shouldn’t lose hope as there are several alternatives that offer a similar set of features to GarageBand that you can install on your PC.


LMMS is a free Fruity Loops alternative and lets Windows and Linux as well as Apple OS X users to make their music by giving a user-friendly interface and a range of tools. A good variety of software instruments, samples and effects are pre-loaded. Which allows you to get up and running straight away. Whether you want to record your own samples using a program like Audacity, or simply pick and choose from the decent selection that come packaged with LMMS. It’s a simple case of dragging the desired file into the beat and bassline editor. That makes a track for that sound, which can be arranged in conjunction with other samples to assemble your beat. It takes in many equipment and effects besides providing many sample files. The users are only required to begin amalgamation.

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FL Studio

Also known as Fruity Loops Studio, FL Studio is one of the most widely used digital audio workstations available. It has been enjoying a great fame among musicians, DJs and people who want to create and experiment with music. FL Studio sets itself apart from other comparable software in the way that it balances broad functionality with a very straightforward workflow. A beautiful user interface apes the look of physical studio software. Whether you want to tweak the specifics of a synth, or customize your recording technique. You’re given plenty of options that make it easy to personalize your experience. It’s an excellent intermediate choice for anyone who might have cut their teeth on something like GarageBand, but now wants a package with a bit more depth.


Cubase is a DAW scheme, same as FL Studio that makes audio making much easier. This program gives you the opportunity to record, produce and mix sounds to produce music for distribution on CDs or via the internet. It comes with a set of tools for composing and sequencing and lyrics support. It allows you to cut or move musical notes, make beats, rhythms and it also has a variety of sample and equipment. Cubase offers specific tools for different musical genres form experimental indie pop, orchestral arrangements, electronic music and metal.

This tool has a pro version that combines MIDI tools and advanced audio quality. Whether you want to record band in the studio, an orchestra or a live rock show, Cubase pro will cater for all your needs. Cubase boasts of more than three decades of expertise thus becoming one of the best digital workstation anywhere. This tool is favorite among famous artists, mixing rock albums, hip hop producers, DJs, songwriters, engineers to film composers both independent and Hollywood.


Reaper is a feature-packed audio and MIDI recording, processing, mixing, editing and mastering environment but it doesn’t hold your hand through the process. It is certainly a robust piece of software, particularly considering its asking price. With the amount of thought that went into the name alone you know this is going to be something good. The program itself boasts an extensive list of features with which you can create entire albums from scratch. It functions with almost any hardware and can be made use of in combination with a wide range of others programs and plugins. It helps users to record audio and MIDI from manifold inputs at the same time. The advantage that Reaper has over the big names in the field of digital audio workstations is its price.


Audiotool is a powerful online music production studio that you can access from your browser. Every one of your tracks, tests and presents are put away on the Audiotool servers and are available from any other system. This software makes it best to collaborate with different software and hardware. It is possible to add all Audiotool devices to the app’s desktop without much effort. This comes in handy when it comes to merging, splitting or routing of various synthesizers outputs. Moreover, once you are done with your tracks, you can publish them straight to Youtube, Soundcloud or Facebook.

Soundation Studio

Soundation is a free online music making app that gives one the opportunity to make music on the internet. A music studio with expert elements like recording, impacts, virtual instruments and more than 700 free sounds and loops. Soundation Studio lets you save, download and upload your work to the web. If you are looking for a music making tool with more sounds, this is the right tool for you.

This app is an extremely powerful online music studio with over 700 free sounds and loops. It also offers high quality performance and an enhanced workflow and amazing features for making music on the internet. (go to site)


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