Best Apps to Turn Selfies into Emojis and Stickers

Selfies today are more than just photos of yourself. They can help express yourself in completely new ways. The selfie revolution is fueled by smartphones of course. There are so many apps on the Google Play Store directed towards selfie lovers. Another great way to express yourself online is stickers and emojis. To try any of these apps, you’ll need a smartphone with a good front-facing camera, or a decent webcam. Let’s turn ’em selfies into something awesome! These apps would help you.

1. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

If you don’t want to use Bobble just because you don’t like it’s UI, MomenyCam is a good alternative. I’m not a fan of Bobble’s UI myself. MomentCam users can also be assured that they will have interesting choices regardless of their language, culture or location. MomentCam’s database is updated daily and for every occasion, region, cultural and pop reference. The app also allows you to create animated emoticons with your face on it.

Download: Android (Free)

2. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

The first app, It was Bitmoji. Bitmoji’s art style is a little different. While other lean more towards keeping your face recognizable, Bitmoji has a bit more comic side to it. You get to create your own cartoon avatar that can then be put in several scenarios and situations. Bitmoji stickers can be used in Snapchat as well along with other messenger services.

Download: Android (Free)

3. Imoji

Imoji makes it super easy to turn a selfie into a sticker in a few steps.

Take a photo of yourself with the app, ideally with your face positioned in the oval drawn for it. Then use the on-screen eraser to get rid of all the background artifacts so that it’s just your expression in focus. A white outline is automatically added to the final product by Imoji. Once you’re done, save it so that it’s added to your collection.

Download: Android (Free) and  iOS (Free)

4. MSQRD (iOS, Android)

MSQRD (or Masquerade) has an old concept but executes it perfectly. Start MSQRD and with your front-facing camera, align your face to the “mask” outline on the screen. Choose a filter from the options, like a panda or a scary clown mask, and watch as it is applied on your face, moving in real-time with you. You can either record it as a video or take a picture.

Download: Android (Free) and  iOS (Free)

5. Emojiface (iOS)

All you need to do is snap a selfie with Emojiface’s easy-to-use app (the on-screen instructions are dead simple). Once you’ve got the selfie right, Emojiface will ask you for final tweaks to get the “cartoon” version of yourself right. Then it gets to work and smartly creates a suite of emojis that look like you. You can use these as emojis on any app that supports emojis, like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Download iOS (Free)


Memoji is another fun app. To use Memoji, Tap the photo icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose from photos on your phone that show faces. The app does not recognize all face photos. If the app does not recognize a face in the photo you choose, try a different photo.

You can have fun with photos of friends using Memoji.
If you choose a photo of a group of friends, only one face in the photo will get the emoji. Under the photo you will see the 11 different emojis you can use. Swipe through to choose your favorite.

Download iOS (Free)

These are some cool apps to turn selfies into Emojis and Stickers. If you want to add some of your favorite to this list, you are welcome.


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