Best Baby Apps for Parents on Android/iOS

Have you ever thought about using your phone to assist you with your mommy duties? It is not possible to manage everything yourself, and sometimes, a little help can make a big difference. If you own a smartphone, there are many parenting apps that can be very helpful. There’s plenty of titles that can serve as tools to learn more about the baby and his or her growth.

1. Eat Sleep

Eat Sleep tracks your baby’s eating, sleeping, and diaper habits, makes it easy to know how long your baby is breastfed for, how frequent diaper changes are and how productive they are, plus how many naps your baby is enjoying. The Tracker not only keeps tabs on diaper changes, but feeding times and sleep patterns, too. The app is available for iOS and Android as well but with a different name Baby feeding.



2. My Baby Today

My Baby Today offers a personalized guide to your baby’s first year, along with plenty of checklists to see how they’re progressing, My Baby Today is a good all around app. A sleep guide offers advice and tracking, while a feeding section does the equivalent for breast-feeding or formula.

3. Baby Monitor ($3.99)

A video and audio monitor for all your iOS devices, as well as Mac, this app removes your worries while your baby is asleep. You can hear every sound, see live video, and even talk to your baby remotely to soothe them. With one device in the nursery and one as the parent unit, Best Baby Monitor provides real-time video and audio of your baby using the same Wi-Fi network.

For iOS

4. Baby Tracker Nursing App ($4.99)

The app is particularly useful if you have to share the details with your baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant. Baby Tracker has a nursing history log, which makes it easy for you to record your baby’s feeding time. You can also use it to keep a track of up to six nursing logs for six different babies.

5. Growth App

As the name suggests it will help you keep a track of your baby’s growth through the first few years after birth. You have the option of choosing the official WHO or CDC templates that track growth from birth until 20 years of age and are mostly used by pediatricians. Available for free on iTunes.

6. Milk Maid ($2.99)

With Milk Maid you can calculate how much milk your baby is having through the day, or even through the week. You can also keep track of how much milk you had stored in the fridge as well.

7. Ready, Set, Baby! ($9.99)

Ready, Set, Baby! With a mix of helpful text, photos, interactive tours and videos, provides new and veteran parents with expert advice on feeding, sleeping, bathing, swaddling, infant development and much more.

For iOS

8. Baby Pics

Every parent will want to show their newborn off to the world. Baby Pics lets parents create uniquely adorable photos of their newborns every day. The app includes various artwork to add to the photos like dates to mark when the baby is 1 week old, 1 month old, etc., stickers to mark “firsts” milestones, and lots of other doodles.


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