Best Contacts And Dialer Android Apps

The primary function of a phone is, and will always be making and receiving calls. Phones these days often come with brand specific dialer UI’s pre-installed. But it’s Android so, there are always Alternatives to default apps available. You might not be satisfied with your stock Dialer, sometimes they can be less than perfect. If you feel that’s the case with your current device, you may want to take a look at what dialers are available for free.

We here, shortlisted 6 of them;

Truecaller: Caller ID and Dialer

This app is the most popular one in our list, and for the right reasons. It features one of the biggest phone number databases in the world, so you will never have to pick up an unknown number again. It also shows whether the person you intend to call is in another conversation, right in your contacts list. Also supports, T-9 quick search, speed dial, spam blocker, blacklisting, regular features.

There are two themes blue and dark and some ringtones too. The pro mode monthly subscription can be bought as an in-app purchase, which removes all advertisements, and lets you send 30 contact requests in one month.

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Contacts+ Phone & Dialer

This app with some UI tweaks, and tons of features, Contacts+ will quickly replace your standard dialer and messaging app. The main screen of the app shows three tabs: SMS, Contacts, and Calls (recents). It offers contacts and SMS backup, caller ID and spam filter. Customization options are aplenty, you can even choose between several app icons. The pro version is also available with more features.

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An official Google app, it’s simple well-designed, and delivers this essential bit of functionality without any needless fluff. A caller ID that draws from Google’s massive database, call blocking, and visual voicemail. On the downside Phone is only available as a substitution of your built-in, default dialer, which means it’s limited to users of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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ExDialer & Contacts

The Ex dialer borrows heavily from other apps to create something unique. It has T9 input, easy messaging and calling gestures along with customizations. The original UI is neat and clean but for users who love to add a personal touch to their phone, the app offers a wide array of choices. The app is integrated with 30 languages.

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Contacts+ with its neat user interface, pulling metadata and other relevant information on your contacts, including photos into a streamlined and modern interface is beautifully built address book. The app asks you to integrate and sync with your various social media accounts and get their updates as well. In terms of managing and organizing your contact list, the application offers a fantastic way to sort and apply groups to your contacts.

N Dialer+Calci

Apart from the number buttons, there are some other operator buttons to the right as well. Yes, a dialer with calculater, N Dialer does everything a standard dialler would. In it you see favorites tab, a recent call list, and the list of Contacts. Moreover, the app also offers quite a few UI customizations.

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So, Which one did you choose? 


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