The Best PC games of 2017 so far 

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If you’ve just purchased the ultimate gaming PC and don’t know where to begin, check out the list of great games we have for you right here. With graphics cards now combining incredible power and competitive price points, the platform is also now becoming available to more gamers. This list of new PC games are the ones we think you should keep an eye on.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

The hit of the year, a refined version of the now-booming battle royale genre that started with Arma and continued in H1Z1. 100 players parachute into an expansive map and scramble for weapons as a killzone slowly constricts around them, narrowing the playfield until only one remains. PUBG is masterminded by PlayerUnknown, or Brendan Greene. Greene got his start by modding DayZ into a 100-player deathmatch mode that would later be adopted by other games.

Gameplay like this came to be the foundation of the “battle royale” genre. As one of the strongest founders behind this genre, PlayerUnknown was in a unique position to take over.

Link: Steam page

Resident Evil 7

Within the first hour of Resi’s comeback title you’re punched, kicked, stabbed with a screwdriver, attacked with a chainsaw and force-fed a decidedly unappetising dinner. Things only get nastier from there. The dilapidated house you find yourself in during Resident Evil 7 isn’t much like the very first game’s now-famous mansion aesthetically. But as you tread and retread the same corridors you recognise that its architect is ‘90s survival horror level design. And its mise-en-scene is made up of the familiar herbs and storage lockers that gave the series its quiddity over 20 years ago.

Link: Amazon

Nier: Automata

Platinum has delivered another rock-solid combat experienced but seeped it into a deep and rewarding RPG, and brilliantly strikes the balance between the two. Nier: Automata eschews genre conventions and boundaries, telling a story about death and friendship via two cyborg ninjas. It’s not much like the Ubisoft open worlds of trinkets and upgradeable wallets we’ve become used to lately, mind. Nier: Automata takes more inspiration from latter day Zelda than anything else, and that’s a nice treat for us on PC. There are 26 total endings.

Link: Amazon UK

Destiny 2

Bungie’s MMO shooter is making its grand debut on PC this fall with the sequel, which the Destiny faithful are already head over heels for. PC’s not missing out this time around. As Tim wrote, “I sank an ungodly amount of time into the original, but having played Destiny 2’s first campaign mission and Strike through multiple times, and dabbled in some PvP, there’s absolutely no question in my mind now that the PC version is going to be the definitive one. Yes it sucks that we’re getting it later, and doubly so that we don’t how much later, but if the final version retains the polish we saw today, it’ll be worth the wait.” It’s out on September 8 on consoles, but we don’t know when it’ll hit the PC just yet.

Link: Official site


There’s no doubt that the best version of Grand Theft Auto V is on PC. Better visuals and more comprehensive editing tools mean that even when you’re done with the main campaign. You can spend months modding and creating your own set-pieces with the surprisingly robust movie editor component.

Link: from £34.99 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you wish to experience the definitive version, you really need a PC. Set in a nightmarish fantasy world where assassins rub shoulders with undead monsters and mythical beasts. The Witcher picks up where PC classics like Ultima VII left off, offering the player a vast and highly detailed world and – to a certain extent – allowing them to tackle it in whatever manner they see fit. You can lose yourself for hours in the lush countryside, or seek out adventure and side-quests in order to raise your experience and gain gold.

Link: from £27.99


Arkane have recently proved themselves to be the masters of immersive sims with their Dishonored series. New Prey has nothing to do with the old Prey. Set in an alternate history where President Kennedy was never assassinated, the Soviets and the States continued their rivalry, until one took control of the Kletka Program, a space installation meant to control an alien threat.

Link: Amazon

Sniper Elite 4

Developers Rebellion are getting better at open-world design, and at disguising the fact that this is effectively an indie game doing a very good impression of a triple-A. We got a look at Sniper Elite 4 during 2016’s GDC. It’s that fundamental silliness that gives Rebellion’s long-range shooter its greatest strength. It’s an unashamed B-movie of a game, full of exuberant animated shattering skulls and googly eyes in X-ray vision watching slow-mo bullets about to enter them.

Link: Official Site


PAYDAY 2 is a popular co-op FPS based around a variety of characters teaming up and robbing banks together. In addition to countless masks, weapons and modifications for those weapons, PAYDAY 2 is jam-packed with content. Different masks indicate different characters, abilities, and there’s enough customization in this game. In fact, its continued updates to this day include thorough player animation reworks, the addition of cosmetic weapon skins (a la CSGO), and more.

Link: Steam page

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3 is the third main entry in the Souls series. The Souls series is characterized by slow, hard-hitting combat, incredibly difficult boss battles and storytelling through world design. Dark Souls III doesn’t break too many of these conventions. Though does speed up the pace of the combat a bit in light of the prior release of Bloodborne.

The unique approach of the series – which combines action with typical RPG elements such as levelling and a multitude of different weapons, armour, items and spells to collect – has endeared the brand to millions, and the online elements allow for co-op and competitive play.




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