The Best Samsung Gear VR Games You Need to Play

The VR gaming is no longer limited to top-end headsets, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Samsung Gear VR only costs $99, all it takes to run is a modern Samsung Galaxy, Android smartphone. Amidst the mass of world-exploring, education-providing VR experiences and 360-degree videos, the Samsung Gear VR headset is chock-full of solid gaming experiences. And here are the best Games you would like to play on your VR Gear.


Esper using a storyline where the observer, have ESP but are being kept in a secret lab is an ultimate VR puzzle. Locked in very ‘70s office room, you’re tasked with solving problems using the power of your mind. The sequel continues with the same Portal-meets-Fallout vibe: cartoonish, almost like being dropped into a theme park attraction, but obviously this time in VR.

There’s an element of HTC Vive’s brilliant Job Simulator about it, just with more taxing brainteasers that will push your telepathic powers, and your patience, to the limit. Esper 2 will be waiting for you, when you’re finished.

Land’s End

With a breathtaking oceanside setting, Land’s End might be the best Samsung Gear VR game. As you search and explore a range of beautiful landscapes that wouldn’t look out of place in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’re faced with a variety of puzzles and challenges. The gameplay, puzzles, and mechanics all work together within the Gear’s unique ecosystem. It’s a relaxing, almost calming VR experience, that offers bite sized breaks from the stress of your real life.

Anshar Wars 2

One of the bestest! Anshar Wars is a dogfighting space-combat game that emerged when the first Gear VR debuted a year ago. Dogfighting through the cosmos in a wireless, lightweight headset like the Gear VR may never feel as robust as it does on PC or console VR with titles like EVE: Valkyrie or Elite: Dangerous, but it certainly captures the spirit and fun of its elder brothers even if it can’t match their visual powers.

Eve Gunjack

Eve Gunjack, a warning shot for the console industry and a demonstration that smartphones, even in the virtual world, are capable of a whole lot more than breaking up TV ad breaks with a quick Candy Crush cram session. This space shooter puts you in the gunner’s seat of your own interplanetary fighter and challenges you to shoot down anything that dares move while you’re around. This is a game for gamers.

Omega Agent

A secret agent, James Bond! Your mission is to fly around this surprisingly sprawling over the top arcade world and test yourself with all the spy training missions at your disposal. With a mass of hidden areas and secret tasks to discover, it’s a game that’s immediately enjoyable and which offers surprising longevity thanks to hidden depths. It’s also a title that really makes use of the full 360-degree scope of the Gear VR.

Drop Dead

Drop Dead is a tightly designed, fun, graphically impressive, romp through a zombie-killing adventure. It feels like an excellent homage to the likes of Time Crisis and House of the Dead. The Mechanic is simple and allows the developers to infuse lots of high-quality visuals without having to worry too much about how closely you’ll be looking or moving around the environment.


John Carmack himself, made translating the worldwide phenomenon onto VR platforms his personal pet project. He succeeded this year and Minecraft is now available to play on both the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Offering newcomers some immersive incentive to jump onboard, while also giving veterans a completely new perspective to enjoy the game they love.

Temple Run VR

The Popular game, in Temple Run VR you’re running from a snow monster and need to dodge gaps and fallen rocks in order avoid being eaten. The only difference here is that you’re living the experience first-hand and can even look back over your shoulder directly into the eyes of the beast. You know you’re a fan and you’re gonna love this one.

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