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This is not a weird thing, we’ve all been there. Sometimes out of curiosity you decide to check your follower count. Maybe to check new users might even be worth following back, or might be an old friend finally joining Instagram for the first time. Then, it happens—the shock, someone has unfollowed you.

There is no way to tell who unfollowed you, you’ll have to scan through your follower feed to see if you recognize anyone missing from the list. The new update let’s you search your followers but it’s no use because you don’t know that person’s name. Instagram has recently made small steps to help us keep track of who we engage with and who engages with us.

In order to find out who’s unfollowed you, there are a few different services that can help you out here, for iOS, Android, and even the web, so no matter what your main way of interacting with Instagram’s platform, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your follower count. That way you can unfollow who unfollowed you, “eye for an eye”

1. InsTrack (iOS)

The dashboard on this free app includes gained and lost followers since you last refreshed it. It also shows non-followers and fans (those who you aren’t following back). Even with a little cost you can see who blocked you. It is only available for iOS platform. You can get it here.

Followers+ (iOS/Android)

This app is for both iOS and Android. Followers+ for Instagram focuses on providing a dashboard for social media professionals and dedicated users to both platforms. Unlike InsTrack, these apps sport the same name and the same exact design, with the Android version a straight port from the classic iOS app.

The app features a clean-looking dark/light blue design. The top of the app shows an icons for your follower count, along with percentages for your personal engagement rates with posts, and a line graph for showing engagement with your last seven posts. Following pages reveal even further information, with engagement rates and ratings shown in helpful charts, follower and following tallies, and changes in both categories over a certain amount of time.

You can view users who have blocked you, users you haven’t made connections with, and more. Even likes can be viewed by user, making it easy to identify your most and least passionate followers at once. You can also view connections by geography, and even schedule posts through Followers+.

InstaFollow (iOS)

Another one just for iOS users. Just plug in your account information on the free app and it’ll pull up your stats, including who has unfollowed you.


Statusbrew, is a web-based client that seems to be far more focused on analytics and data research for social media managers than tracking whether your friends from high school still follow you on Instagram.

It is a small company built on trying to make it easier for social media managers and PR representatives to manage basic tasks throughout their day, including social posts, monitoring the rising and falling of social numbers on multiple platforms—including Instagram—and making connections with users that may like your content.

If you’re just looking for an application to monitor your social numbers, this isn’t a terrible choice by any means, but there’s so much more to it in terms of functionality, the price may be a bit too steep for users looking to simply keep on eye on their Instagram numbers.

If you do decide control over your social accounts—including but not limited to Instagram—is worth dropping $240. You’ll get: ten social profiles, Twitter automation, social “intelligence” and publishing over your accounts, and unlimited usage of the follow and unfollow the function, and much more you’ll know once you get the app.

Followers for Instagram (iOS)

Last one on the list is Followers for Instagram. Download the app, and you’ll see who unfollowed you, who’s not following you back, and more. You can see who blocked you for free.

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