Clash of Clans December Update, Fix “Device is Not Compatible” Issue

This December Supercell announced a major Clash of Clans update.The last big release was back in October, but it wasn’t enough. The developers are addressing everything and everything is about to get cheaper, and old favorites like the Dragon will become useful again. Clash of Clans continues to be one of the best games for mobile. Updates arrive almost every other month or two, and keep things fresh.

Clash of Clans Update: What’s New

First the popular Christmas theme next week Supercell three Christmas presents that have surprises relating to the game. A new “Events” tab inside Clash of Clans. Frequent new and exciting events and special challenges are coming.

Upgrade Discounts (time and/or cost)

Barbarian King levels 31-40
Archer Queen levels 26-40
Wall levels 10-11
Wizard Tower levels 3-9
Clan Castle levels 5-6
Hog Rider (all levels)
Golem (all levels)

As you can see above, everything listed will be cheaper. Both in terms of time to brew or upgrade, and in cost. Walls are getting a huge discount, the Clan Castle is cheaper to upgrade. Allowing players to hold more troops, and for the first time ever, more spells. Once TH11 players upgrade the Clan Castle members can donate an entire freeze spell.

But with every Clash of Clans update a few problems tend to arise. The latest was a major December Update, it’s causing problems for some. In fact, some can’t update the game at all as a result it can’t be played. Here we’ll explain how to fix the “Device is not compatible” error while trying to update Clash of Clans on Android. Also there’s another one Google accounts not syncing correctly for saved villages.

Device is not Compatible

Everything is fine for those on iOS, but Android users are having this problem. Google Play Store for Clash of Clans says, “Device is not compatible with this version” and are unable to update. Upon launching the game you see a notification an update is available. You cannot play until you accept this, but this notification won’t let you update either. So, you are trying to update Clash of Clans on an Android device but running into problems, there are a few potential fixes.


Supercell states that clearing the Google Play Store cache is your only option, and it should solve any issues.

Players affected by “Your device is not compatible with this version”, please try: Settings >App Manager>Google Play Store>Clear data/cache.

Try clearing the Google Play Store cache, and then data. Next, restart the Google Play Store and accept the update again. You can do that by going to the settings, there navigate to Apps, or App Manager. Scroll down to find Google Play Store and tap on it, next tap “Clear Cache or Data” as shown below.

As Supercell claims this will fix the error, this will erase everything, and get rid of any corrupt file. You can then go back and download the update.

Uninstall COC

In case if that didn’t work, try to uninstall Clash of Clans and re-install it. Of course, no one wants to lose their entire village by uninstalling the game. You won’t. If the game is backed up to Google+ or Google Games you can uninstall Clash, reinstall it, and restore your progress simply by going into settings and connecting to Google+, and it will restore your village in less than 10 seconds. However, if you never linked the two, this won’t work. So do not uninstall Clash of Clans unless you know it’s backed up.

Those who fixed it using other methods, feel free to share it below, Thanks!

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