Destiny 2 Release Date and Rumors

When Destiny dropped in 2014, gamers were initially skeptical of its messy story and repetitive content. But over time, and through the release of some major expansions including The Taken King and Rise of Iron, the game has built a reputation as a solid MMO shooter that looks and handles exceptionally well.

An Official Announcement

Bungie’s first official, full-length trailer for Destiny 2 arrived on March 30, giving fans a brief glimpse of what to expect from the game when it launches in September. The trailer featured the characters Cayde-6 and Zavala the leaders of the Hunters and Titans, respectively, and makes mention of antagonist Ghaul, as well as the loot-driven gameplay that was featured in the original game.

Destiny 2 is now waiting in the wings and ready to reset the game world. We have a pretty good idea of what’s to come. Thanks to Activision’s early launch of the reveal trailer and now gameplay trailer, and we can’t wait to get in.

You can also count on a few new maps and PVP modes on tap here, including a mode called Countdown which has teams of guardians setting bombs in each other’s bases and then defending them until they explode.

In the first official gameplay demonstration, we learned that a massive attack orchestrated by Ghaul and the Cabal has effectively crippled humanity, with the Traveler — the mysterious floating structure that gives Guardians their seemingly supernatural powers — being stripped from humanity.

We also learned that gamers that buy the game on Sony systems will receive an exclusive strike, ship, weapon and PVP maps.

That’s a compelling reason for guardians to go for PS4 over the other systems, although PC gamers will be the only platform with 4K.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC for the first time in franchise history. In 4K.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Destiny 2 PC

Bungie confirmed a PC release on the day it released the game’s debut trailer and now there’s no looking back. Only forward to its October 24 release.

This is a very good thing considering that PC gamers are clamoring for Destiny 2 – and it’s a perfect fit for the platform, which has long been the spiritual home of the MMO. It will also give Bungie access to a huge new audience.
And if that news wasn’t good enough, Bungie is going to reward to the PC faithful by making the PC version of the game 4K compatible. Yep, your favorite shooter is now going to have a 3840 × 2160 resolution.
Here’s an images of the game in 4K to whet your appetite.
But its resolution isn’t the only unique thing about the game’s PC launch.

Destiny 2 confirmed features


Clans will be an important feature in Destiny 2 that will allow players to team up and organize games for online multiplayer.

The structure of Clans in Destiny 2 will be similar to that of Groups: they’ll be capped at 100 members and those with Destiny 2 accounts will be able to be a member of one Clan per platform. The way they’ll differ, however, is in their new abilities and features.

Clan members can also invite other players to join their Clan from within the game and all members of a Clan will receive rewards for each others’ successes. What these rewards are is still unclear.

A Cinematic Story

Gamers will be glad to hear that the developers are placing more emphasis on the story and characters this time around. “The cornerstone…is a great cinematic story,” Activision exec Eric Hirshberg said earlier this year . “That’s been a real focus with a great cast of memorable, relatable characters.”

No More Grimoire Cards

Much of the original Destiny‘s lore and exposition was hidden away in “Grimoire cards,” an unlockable compendium of lore and background information only accessible through the game’s official website. While many fans have fallen in love Destiny’s lore, offloading that information to a website made investing in the game a bit of a chore. Bungie seems to have recognized this, as it announced that there will be no Grimoire cards in Destiny 2.

Lots Of Expansions

This is hardly unexpected given the success of Destiny’s myriad updates and add-ons, but Activision has confirmed that it has “follow-on content plans” for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Release date

Destiny 2 will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6 before it arrives on PC on the slightly later date of October 24. Console and PC launch dates are different. The PC version is now planned for release on October 24 and will be sold exclusively through Blizzard’s service.

There will be a beta

Just like with the original Destiny , which ran a beta test in July 2014 before the full game launched in September, Destiny 2 will feature a beta, and it will be available first to those who pre-order the game.

“We’ve made it more accessible to someone who just wants to have a great more casual first-person action experience… without losing anything that our core players love,” Hirschberg said.

What that means in practice is not clear, but we hope it means a game with less grinding and more varied gameplay.

What are your thoughts on Destiny 2 ? 


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