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Last year, WhatsApp became the largest end-to-end encrypted messaging network in history by rolling out another layer of security to its billion users. Since Facebook had acquired WhatsApp, now it has finally rolled out end-to-end encryption Secret Conversations feature for its 900 million users of Facebook Messenger.

What is Secret Conversation?

Within this encryption on (end to end), users can completely secure their information. No one can break the encryption, not even the Facebook. You can set timer of 5 seconds to 1 day (timer start when person sees message), for Self-Destructing Messages which can be activated from Secret messages option.

What is the Importance of Secret Conversation?

If you socialize (everyone does) then your privacy is under threat from hackers, online marketers and even governments. So, to hide your personal life online from prying eyes, you need end-to-end encryption that allows you to send and receive messages in a way that no one, even the company itself.

The “Secret conversation” feature is available only in messaging app and not for the desktop or browser chat. In the same secret conversations, users can send private data which gets self destructed after a particular time period.

How to Activate Secret Conversations

Activating Secret Conversations is easy perform the following steps and you are in.

1. Connect your device to internet and Launch the Messenger app. There you will see previous chats, open the person’s chat to whom you want to send secret message.

2. Tap the profile Icon in the top right corner of the app which will take to your Messenger profile and setting.

3. If your messenger is up to date you will see an option “Secret Conversations” after photos & media.

4. Go to this option and you’ll see a toggle button, click on the button.

5. Now it will ask your permission to “Turn On” tap it to activate the Secret Conversations.

It is activated but now you cannot directly send the Secret message or Self-Destruct messages. Keep reading

How to send Secret Messages?

To send secret messages, you need to go to the Messenger profile of the contact you like to send Secret Message instead of your profile.

1. Open the chat of the contact you wish to send a secret message or self-destructing message.

2. Click on the button with “i” inside a circle which will take you to the Messenger profile of the contact.

3. Below the Nicknames option you will have a new option called “Secret Conversation.”

4. Once you tap on the option, you can see a new chat section for the contact.

This is everything you need to know, now you can send your personal information & secure information like bank or ATM details, chat with someone you don’t want anyone to see without any risk.

Keep one thing in mind, end-to-end encryption doesn’t mean that your tracks are completely clear from spying agencies. It’s because Facebook still records and stores metadata on your calls and messages that could reveal some of your personal information, this data is handed over to the government whenever needed.


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