Fix “YouTube Black Screen and connection to Server Lost, Touch to Retry” Issues

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and it ranks among the top 10 most visited websites. You’ll find probably every video you’re looking for among millions of videos. You can have YouTube on Android as well, it has a YouTube app which has a great design. You can visit YouTube in Web browsers too but majority of Android users prefer to watch YouTube videos on the app.

YouTube works fine most of the times but sometimes we face problems “Connection to Server Lost, Touch to Retry” or you see a “black screen” which is really annoying. So, let’s see what we can do to fix these issues. Below is the list of some popular fixes, not all the fixes work in all the situations but sometimes it worths giving a shot.

A) YouTube black screen Fix

If you’re using Chrome browser and encountering Youtube Black Screen issue while using it, here is what you can do fix it.


fix Youtube Black Screen in Chrome. It happens sometimes while browsing on Youtube you tried to play a Video and instead of Vidoe you see a black screen and no matter how much you refresh the page nothing appears. This bug is caused because of HTML player or Flash Player.

1. Launch Google Chrome web browser.

2. Open the new tab and type Chrome://Flags.
3. In Flags Tab, Hit CTrl+F and Type disable hardware-accelerated video decode.
4. Next, click enable button to activate disable hardware-accelerated video decode.
5. Exit and relaunch your Chrome to apply these settings that you have enabled.

Fix for HTML5 Player

The above method was for Google Chrome only, this one is for all other browsers.

Type this “ ” in your browser address bar and that’s it. You won’t face Black screen issue again.

B) Fix “Connection to Server Lost, Touch to Retry” Error on YouTube

Another popular bug, reported very often, “connection to server lost, touch to retry.” Last part never works, it maybe caused due to proxy settings on your Android device or some other app that is causing the issue. So, first let’s see which fix works.


Disable Manual Proxy in WiFi Settings

Some Android users apply tweaks to their WiFi network to improve speed. Maybe they get success but after messing some other components. So, If you’re using manual proxy settings, then disable it from the WiFi settings to see if the YouTube issue is fixed.

To do that launch Settings > WiFi Settings > Long tap on connected WiFi network > Modify Network. If you’re using manual proxy settings, you’ll see the Proxy Settings set to Manual rather than None, just set the Proxy settings to None again and this should probably fix the issue. See if the issue is fixed or read on.

Use Google DNS/Open DNS Settings

Sometimes, it’s possible that the ISP’s DNS blocks some websites in that DNS servers so that no one can access the particular domains from that DNS route. So, let’s try changing the DNS servers to popular Google Public DNS.

1. Head to Settings > WiFi Settings > Long tap on connected WiFi network > Modify Network.

2. Tap “Show advanced option”.
3. Now, under the IP settings, change the settings from DHCP to Static.
4. Next, change the DNS1 address to and DNS2 to Do not change the IP address.

5. Click Save and check YouTube now.

Note: For using Open DNS, change DNS1 to and DNS2 to

Clear YouTube app Cache

If the issue still persists then now is the time to clear the old cache of YouTube app.

1. Disconnect any WiFi/Mobile Data connection.

2. Go to Settings > Application Settings > YouTube .
3. There tap on Force Stop, then clear data and clear cache.
4. Also, do the same thing with Google play services.

5. Reboot your device again and check YouTube.

You can also uninstall, and reinstall the YouTube app it’ll do the same thing. We hope our guide worked, let us know if issue is still unsolved.


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