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  1. when I open the fly gps app I select location but there is no joystick mode.There is only fixed mode and move mode.why?

  2. So I downloaded it I got the joystick but it keeps jumping back and forth between locations in pokemon go no gym poke stops or pokemon with a big red symbol at the top of the screen saying failed to detect location

    • after selecting location you have to turn mock location off back again then it show you at the fake place in pokemon go

  3. after installation, i could get pokeballs and fought gym. However, when I clicked on pokemon, my pokemon go stopped working and automatically quit from the game. What is the problem? Tq

  4. I keep getting this
    “In order to use mock location ‘GPS USE’ check it”
    Iverson followed everytime and uninstalled to try again. Its the 2nd time this has happened (first time after alot of random button push it started working). I’ve had the app fof mayb 4 days but its been stuck like this for 1 day. When it was working it was great, I had used it then a few min later tried again and thats when the error showed. Any idea what could be going on?

  5. mine is lollipop Android ver., have any remcomended app for joystick pokemon go? except tutu app….

  6. any idea how to select flygps on mock location for oppo r9+?
    its keep fail to detect location so im thinking is the mock location problem because i didnt select the fly gps

    • Actually it did work. Toggle GPS between device and “high accuracy a couple times”. Does teleport me back to my location for a brief second – didn’t see a “travelling too fast”, yet.

  7. My account get softbanned.. I am play is 5 minutes.. then softbanned.. so, what can I do for my account if I am play again.. and not banned

  8. Once i choose “mock location” there is only an option for “nothing” i cant choose fly gps… Please help? Im using a lg k7

  9. I just click “on” at my mock location. And i back to fly gps hack app for select my location and then i on the game. I found that my character at the location that i choose. But in the game show’s “Failed to detect location”. However there with none of any poke stop, gym, pokemon and sighting appear all the time. Any solution?

  10. Any new updates for this app cos the current one 4.0.5 don’t work on Pokemon 4.0 anymore as the API is different and will get ban when login…

  11. Hi i see that several persons are having the same issues as i have. I cant swipe pokestops and the pokemon keep running away after i tried to catch them. Does have anyone have a sollution for this problem? Its so frustrating to see new pokemon but not bein able to catch them.

    • that’s softban… go click n spin any pokestop, close it and repeat the above at any pokestop for 40x… it will get u unban

  12. Hi. this spoofing app is brilliant. however. I have one problem. using an s7 edge in the UK I have all of the recommended software to make this run smoothly but every time I try to access another country to catch in massive pokemon nests such as santa Monica peir U.S it immediately soft bans me. is there anything that I may have done incorrectly?

    • Dont play on ur name if ur gonna teleport for an hour after teleport or make a fake name teleport on that one then sign in your name …..what i learned from someone ..even if play on reg app still applys ..

  13. Occasionally fly GPS will leak my real location and then Pokemon go will flip there for a moment. If this happens too many times I will get a soft band that I can see by having all Pokemon flee and pokestops don’t give items. Any workaround other than hiding in basements?

    • you can actually go to a pokestop and spin it 40 times and then you won’t be soft banned. It worked with me when fly GPS used to work

  14. After tapping “tap on the Joystick Location Mode (Pokemon).” I get a “in order to use mock location ‘GPS use’ to check it screen. Not sure what to do here?

  15. If you get locked out with the fly gps stand at the nearest poke stop and continue to tap and spin it about 10 to 15 times in a row it will continue to stay blue when you spin it but after it unlocks the stop will turn purple and you will be good to catch pokemon and spin the stops the area is unlocked. Hope this helps. It really does work

    • Si, yo lo he estado utilizando con pokemon go 0.37 y android 6.0.1 y funciona perfectamente. Lo que no me atrevo es a actualizar pokemon a la 0.4!

      • Funciona con 0.4. El único problema que tengo con Fly GPS es que de vez en cuando me cambia de ubicación al azar por un buen minuto, lo que hago es cerrar Pokemon a fuerzas antes de levantar sospechas. Estoy usando mi cuenta de prueba para averiguar si el APP es seguro y no perder la principal. Aún no e recibido un Ban y creo que comenzaré a usar la cuenta Main.

  16. No joystick appear on my screeb.. no pokestop is dropping stuff, and all pokemon broke free and flee straight away. Any fix to this?

    • I wrap my phone with tin foil it helps with the jumping. When i take the foil off it jimpa right away. With it on it never jumps. I only wrap the back and sides leaving the screen open

  17. Havng problems using this app. Pokemon go says cant detect location. How to fix this? I enable mock location still occuring the same problem.

  18. Hey man, nice tutorial, I have a question: Do you know how to prevent the game from jumping between fly GPS location and my real location?

      • That means That your cell Phone has a good gps siga. What android SO you hace guys? I’m not the owner of this tutorial but I can give you some advises to prevent this trouble. Only That you have to do is try not playing in open places. Play inside your houses or use a big cover of cellphone to create bad or no gps signal. You can play even without gps signal. Just turn on your gps cellphone to the app run.

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