Google Maps Useful Tips and Tricks 

Google Maps, Everyone who owns a smartphone, it’s what you use when you’re stuck somewhere. With its ever improving the database, app refinements, Google Maps is slowly incorporating itself into our daily lives. Its ability to show you the way as well as any pertinent information relevant to your current location as well as your destination made it awesome.

However, most users only scratch the surface when it comes to using the plethora of features Maps offers for free. You should know these Google Maps tips and tricks too, you’ll find these useful. Make sure Location settings are set to high accuracy mode.

1. Saving your home and work addresses

To save your home and work addresses, Launch Google Maps app. Select the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen to open the overlay menu. Select your places and under the Labelled section, there will be two entries, Home and Work. Enter the corresponding addresses in these two fields and you are good to go.

2. Create Offline Maps

If you want to be able to conserve your mobile data or check out a map when you can’t access the Internet. It is now possible to download an area from Google maps for offline use. Simply open maps and long press on any space in the region you want to download. A red pin will appear, along with a pull-up menu below. Swipe up from the menu, and select Download.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific location, select it to bring up the location’s information card, then click the menu icon in the top-right corner to bring up the “save offline map” option.

3. Saving places

If you discover some cool new place, search for the location on Google Maps and click “Save” on the business’s information card. Saved places appear as starred locations on your maps and can be accessed by selecting “Your Places” from the Google Maps menu.

4. Searching nearby places

The search bar is always present at the top of the screen. Tapping on the blank search bar also opens up a small menu allowing you to search nearby restaurants , petrol stations, ATMs.

Find ATMs : Click the Google Maps search bar, make and press the ATMs button at the bottom of the screen. Maps will show the ATMs that are near your current location.

5. Street View

Street view virtually transports you to another place without you having to leave your seat. The latest versions have VR support too.

6. Gesture shortcuts

Zoom in/out with one hand: Double tap the screen, but after the second tap slide your finger up or down instead of lifting it up.

Tilting the map for 3D view: touch the screen with two fingers and slide up. Most buildings will have a 3D view (make sure you are not in satellite or terrain mode).

7. Quick Navigation

To navigate to any place, tap the blue button at the bottom right corner of the screen, select your starting point and destination, mode of transport. You can also set your date and time of journey by tapping on the small customization button.

8. Sending Directions from your PC to your phone

In the navigation window itself, there is an option to do so. You can send it to one of your enlisted devices, send it to your own email or receive a text message with a link.

9. Measuring Distance Between Two Locations

To measure a distance on Google Maps, simply click on the “Maps Labs” link at the bottom of the left sidebar and then enable “Distance Measurement Tool”. Click on the small ruler icon at the bottom of the map (see the arrow), and then click on the map to trace a path you want to measure.

10. Make your own Map

You can create your own map with custom locations and information through the Google My Maps. Clicking on “My Places” button at the top left corner of the Google Maps and you will be able to create marks or lines on the map. There are provisions to add multiple layers, import locations , or put your own markers on each layer.

11. Share a Location With Friends

Google Maps lets you easily drop a pin on any location and then share that location with friends. Simply press the spot on the map where you want the pin to appear, press the pin itself, then press the “share” button. You’ll see the options then.

12. Enabling Smart Zoom Plugin

“We don’t have imagery at this zoom level”

To avoid this message, click on the “Maps Labs” link at the bottom of the left sidebar and then enable “Smart Zoom”. This feature will check in advance what imagery exists, and ensure you can’t zoom in beyond it.

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