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Faiq Ahmed

Faiq Ahmed loves Android OS and he is an Android Geek. He has owned an Android phone since 8th grade. Currently doing BS Computer Science.

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70 Responses

  1. Hans says:

    I have updated my GT-N8000 successfully using this method.Now my tablet looses WIFI passwords after a reboot. Can I repeat this update to get this issue resolved?

  2. Rehmat ullah says:

    For some Reason after I installed the 4.4.2 on My Galaxy note 10.1 ..i can no longer download whatsapp from the tells me that my device does not support the version of whatsapp !! any idea what to do ??

  3. Kairon says:

    Can i use this even my build number is N8000XXCMF1???

  4. javed says:

    Hello Faiq!

    I followed your instruction to recover my note 10.1. I hold power+volume up button but the unit does not go into recovery screen as you showed. It blinks and show the samsung galaxy not 10.1 and keep flashing that. I have another one and it does go into the recovery mode but this bad one does not. I also tried Odin and tried to flash the rom but it failed after some time and the message was ” can not open the serial ( com) port.
    Any help please to fix this issue?

  5. mohammed fahad says:

    Hi there, just had some questions. Im on the build number N8000XXCMF1 (4.1.2) (united arab Emirates) Variant. Flashing thif update using odin won’t be any trouble right?

  6. Aryyor says:

    Dear Faiq,
    OS upgrade to Kitkat was flawless! Thanks so much for your guidance.

  7. sefu says:

    my samsung n8000 tab fell programme what can i do

  8. Salvatore says:

    Following the steps, it works flawlessly. I’ve read that you can’t go wrong if you flash the firmware which matches the region/country where you bought the tablet (In my case, used PHE_N8010XXUDNG1), and OBVIOUSLY, the tablet model. Nothing impossible to find with some quick Google search.

  9. paul says:

    power + volume up on my tablet doesn’t work

  10. Paulo Laranjeira says:

    Hi there. It’s not working for me. I can’t acess the developer options, but I think that debbugin is on. After all the steps above, it just fails and says in Odin “There is no PIT partion”. What should I do?

  11. Marwan says:

    For some Reason after I installed the 4.4.2 on My Galaxy note 10.1 ..i can no longer download whatsapp from the tells me that my device does not support the version of whatsapp !! any idea what to do ??

  12. Zeeshan says:

    Faiq ahmed,

    my GT-N8000 wifi is no working anymore after getting hard reset to factory setting by using Vol and power keys.
    its not searching for any of the wifi network.

    Can you please help me in this regard.

  13. widiarta says:

    Dear Mr.Faiq Ahmed
    Thank very you. Simple, easy to follow guide, worked well for me, even using Windows 10
    May Allah bless you

  14. ahmed says:

    thanks alot for this
    please would this firmware allow arabic language or not thanks

  15. Mohi says:

    Hi Faiq, Odin says pass but my tablet is stuck on Downloading “dont turn off ” Message and I am not sure what to do ?

  16. Nadeem says:

    hi faiq i have the same boot problem with my N8000 i can get to update screen with power + volume down but the update dont work as im stuck on logo screen after reboot…..i can not get to recovery screen with power + volume up cos not happens when i try….i think there is no os on my tab but i might be wrong any help please…..much apreciate


    • Faiq Ahmed says:

      Press the buttons for longer time until recovery menu appears. If it doesn’t then reflash the firmware following the same steps. Agin go into download mode and flash.

  17. Desmond B says:

    Sorry New to this, I want to update my N8000, the product code refers to Germany (language as well), I am in South Africa, does this update allow English and will it work in SA? Assistance is appreciated

  18. Sinco says:

    My pc does not recognize my device thought I I have downloaded the USB recognizer y sent

  19. Luciano says:

    Dear Faiq, thanks for this helpful post, before I start with the procedure I want to be sure that I will not loose any app that I have installed, can you tell me if it will be so? I have many games where I have reached high levels and prizes that I do’t want to loose. Thanks in adavnce for your reply

  20. Mario says:

    Hello My Galaxy N8000 stuck on samsung logo after updating and I can t access recovery mode. I tried Volume UP + Power On many time, no recovery mode. Any suggestion ?

  21. Javed says:

    Hello Faiq!

    Good instructions.

    I have a GT-8013 model. It is stuck on the first screen of Samsung Logo.
    Can you, please, help me to recover this one.


  22. anonymous says:

    Will it erase all my data??

  23. Michael says:

    What if I mess up the process and my tablet becomes faulty, can I still repair it and how?

  24. Ksenia says:

    Dear author,

    I have a problem on Step 5. I’ve managed to call system menu but it looks differently even though I have Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000. There are few oprions to choose:

    – reboot system now
    – apply update from ADB
    – apply update from external storage (I downloaded all needed files to the SDcard as well just in case and I can see them there)
    – wipe data/factory reset
    – wipe cashe partition
    – apply update from cashe

    What should I do?

  25. Don6 says:

    My n8000 update failed in between. It says complete write operation failed.

  26. Scott says:

    Does this work for the N8013?

  27. khuram says:

    Thank you very much for this post .i install this firmware after see ur post
    now my tablet firmware changed onece again thank you so so much

  28. Adonis says:

    work on a GT-N8013?

  29. nima j says:

    Excuse me! Should I download “odin” and the other file on my pc or on tablet? Please help me….

  30. KK says:

    Dear Droidopinions,
    Thank you very much for your guidance! I really appreciated you for putting together and publishing this very useful topic. I have been waiting for a such guidance since awhile. Now, with the help of droidopinions, I succeeded and upgraded my N8000 tablet.

    many thanks!

  31. hesham says:

    Thanks a lot <3

  32. Adrian H says:

    Thank you man, this really helped me!

  33. Sheikha says:

    Thank you worked like a charm!

  34. Chris says:

    Very useful info, thanks a lot!!

  35. Kevin says:

    Hello, would this install work on a 4g let Verizon model?

  36. Lukas says:

    Thanks ! Never knew my tablet could be THAT fast. It seemed like it was a potato instead of a processor, because i had this tablet for 3 years. But now, it is reaaaly fast. Can’t be happier about it !

  37. Eric says:

    Fantastic info. Thanks a lot for the guidelines .My galaxy note 10.1 N8000, was a dummy after an attack by a virus. I kept it down for 2 months out of frustrations. Now it’s working incredibly on kitkat. keep up the good work buddy.

  38. Olfat says:

    Great One Thanks

  39. Joel says:

    I’m having an error that says “Unfortunately, LogsProvider has stopped.”

    • Lars says:

      I had the same problem.

      I tried the above : “HOW TO FIX IF YOU ARE STUCK AT BOOTLOOP OR SAMSUNG LOGO” – thinking my tablet would return to original.
      After wipe data and wipe cache my tablet worked like a charm – WITH KitKat 4.4.2 🙂

  40. Antonio says:


    my Odin is still on step sboot.bin:

    Firmware update start..

    It doesn’t go ahead (it’s about 1 hour). What I have to do?

    • Faiq Ahmed says:

      Disconnect the device from the computer. Close Odin, run Odin again and repeat the process. If still problem occurs then download the firmware again completely and repeat the process again using the newly downloaded firmware.

  41. Ameh Chris says:

    Dear Faiq, my N8000 10.1 keeps getting stuck and most of the times it automatically brings up wi-fi and mobile data. So frustrating. I don’t know if carrying out the update procedure will make these to stop.

    • Faiq Ahmed says:

      Hi Ameh Chris, You should reset your tablet as it solves most of the problems. Save all your data first before resetting your tablet. Updating your tablet may solve the problem but it is up to you. However you can always downgrade your tablet if you don’t satisfy on kitkat update.

  42. olusey says:

    After updating my phone fail to recognise my sim it just bring up emergency service only

    • Faiq Ahmed says:

      Dial *#1234# on your tablet and see if all the three files AP, CP and CSC are present. If any file is unknown then reflash the firmware. This might solve the problem of unrecognize simcrad. I had this problem once on my phone and I did the same thing and it solved.

  43. Alex says:

    Thank you! Working like a charm

  44. Bob Barrie says:

    Thank you. Simple, easy to follow guide, worked well for me, even using Windows 10!

  45. Leonardo says:

    Thank you. Your guide worked for me.

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