Instagram New Features Two Factor Authentication and more

Instagram recently added some useful new Features. The users are now allowed to enable two-factor authentication for enhanced security of their accounts. Gmail also uses this security layer for protecting the accounts from hackers.

We would recommend it to make use of this feature. When two-factor authentication is enabled, Instagram sends a security code to your registered mobile number. The method to enable two factor authentication is below and There’s more!

Instagram new feature beats Snapchat

Instagram has once again placed Snapchat in a difficult position by adding another new feature. This new feature allows you to reply to Stories with a photo or a video now as well. From now on whenever you watch someone’s story, look for the camera button at the bottom of the screen. If you tap this button, you can take a picture of yourself, record a video and even take a Boomerang. Instagram’s new feature also allows you to move and resize the Story image and insert it into your reply image. You can get creative by adding a variety of filters and stickers.

Steps to enable two-factor authentication

  • The two-factor authentication on Instagram puts double checkpoints for login. The user has to enter the password and a unique code to access the account on a new device. To enable it.
  • Go to your profile and tap on the “Settings” icon.

Scroll down and select “Two-Factor Authentication.”


  • Now, tap on “Require Security Code” and turn it on by toggling the slider to the right.
  • Enter your phone number in case you have not registered it earlier. Click on “Next.”
  • A code will be sent to your phone number, enter that code and then tap on “Next.”
  • The two-factor authentication menu contains the Backup Codes. Copy these codes and store them safely on your device. You can also take a screenshot of these codes.

  • In case, you ever feel that your backup codes have been accessed by someone else then you can request Instagram for generating new codes.

Note: To get a list of backup codes Scroll down the settings and select “Two-Factor Authentication.” Tap on “Get Backup Codes.” To cancel your current backup codes and get new codes. Tap on “Get Backup Codes” and then select “Get New Codes.”

The Instagram Stories is one of the social network’s hottest features. It has 250 million daily users which is higher than that of Snapchat. Check out the Instagram’s new feature with your accounts and share your thoughts!


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