iPhone 8 Photos In Copper Gold, Black, And White Colors Leaked

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 8 next month, alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. This new iPhone 8 model, if genuine, appears to feature a color Apple hasn’t ever used before. This past weekend in particular saw nearly a dozen new iPhone 8 leaks hit the web as components seemingly begin to slip through any security measures that Foxconn has in place.

Among all the leaks was one in particular that is really of interest, because it appears to show the iPhone 8 in a new color that Apple’s has never used before on any of its products. It’s similar to rose gold, but it seems to have a hue that’s much closer in color to copper or champagne than the current rose gold iPhones.


This latest leak involves some photographs which appear to show the iPhone 8 in three color options, including one which is sure to get plenty of attention. The images were shared via a Chinese micro-blogging site, show three claimed iPhone 8 handsets from the back, complete with the now familiar glass rear panel that will allow wireless charging to come to the iPhone for the first time.

While two of the devices shown are the black and white models we have come to expect, the final one is what has been described as “champagne gold” which is also said to be closer to “copper gold” color.

The image above was posted on Weibo and then picked up by a bunch of Chinese blogs . It supposedly shows Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 in three different colors, the third of which appears to be silver. If Apple does release a silver iPhone 8, it will likely have a white front side considering all of Apple’s previous iPhones.

Here’s a better look at it:

The iPhone 8 will come wielding an OLED display with almost zero bezels. With an all-new OLED display, the iPhone 8 will be the most-costly iPhone ever while also being the most advanced, and likely the most wished-for too. While we do not yet know whether these newly leaked images are actually showing us the iPhone 8 or not, if they do then we can safely say that black will be the color we opt for if only to ensure the best blend with that inky black OLED display and minimal bezels.

Which color will you choose?


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