LG G5 Review and Rumors [Updated]

LG without any doubt is one of the largest Electronics company, this company manufactures every thing that includes electronics, from  Tv’s,  refrigerators, microwaves to Smartphones and much more. LG has released two Flagship devices last year and we are expecting the same thing this year. Lg last year released Lg G4 which was without any doubt one of the best android phones of 2015, LG G4 had the stunning design and camera and so it received a lot of praise and we are expecting this year for Lg G5. Reports suggests that LG will release G5 in late february 2016 and same are the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S7. The operating system of Lg G5 will not change of course but it will come with absolutely new look and design. For Lg G5 we have listed something which we would love to see in it. Today we will give a short LG G5 review and what rumors are saying.

Recently reported by LG Team in a Tweet that the handset will be unveiled on 21st Feburary.

LG G5 Review

LG G5 is the latest flagship from the LG Electronics which is about to release in February’s end. LG G5 is the successor to LG G4  which is on of the best smartphone of 2015. Today we will talk about some LG G5 review and some of the rumors that are heard. Like last year, LG is has planned something new and bigger with G5 this year. It will be worth buying this phone because LG did a fantastic job with G4 and you can imagine what LG G5 will bring. So, let’s start the LG G5 review.

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We saw that Lg G4 was with an amazing eye-catching look of shiny leather but this time it looks like company is interested in presenting their new flagship in metallic look,which would give it a hot design. According to the news G5 will be a unibody metallic smartphone with the power button at its back and volume buttons on the right as usual. Rumours are, Lg G5 would come with a removable battery and it has also been claimed that it will not come with a rounded back like some other G series Smartphones which means It’d have flat rear. Lg G5 will come up with latest android 6.0 Marshmallow with battery 2800 mAh. It will have a removable bottom with sim jacket on right of it.

lg g5 design

Display and Specs

According to Weibo Leakster Zealer, the G5 will feature a 5.6 inches 2560×1440 pixel resolution display. An anonymous source has confirmed that G5 will come up with dual screen in which main screen will have 5.3″ display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution with another small screen on top with 160 x 1040 display, small screen will be used for notifications and so will save battery by killing the need of illuminating the whole display.It’s dimensions would be 149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2 mm which means that it would be taller and thinner than Lg G4.
Reports suggests that Lg G5 will come up with a Snapdragon 820 CPU with 3GB of ram and 32gb storage but CNet Korea claims that it will have 4GB of ram with Snapdragon 820 CPU along with supporting external Sd card in in contrast with Lg G4 which had 808 snapdragon CPU.

LG G5 display

Magic slot:

In G5, Lg is introducing a new feature called magic slot which will allow the rear camera to shoot 360 degrees and it will also allow for hardware upgrades and attachments of Qwerty keyboard, audio amplifier etc.

Iris Scanner

We are familiar with Lg tech, Lg hasn’t been afraid to do the things which no one tries to do, and I think to be the first in everything is their priority. So it is possible that Lg G5 will be shipped with an Iris Scanner. I think G5 will be eye-catching device and LG lovers would be impatient to get their hands on LG G5.

LG G5 iris scanner


LG G4 had amazing cameras f/1.8 16MP and so we are expecting more innovative case in Lg G5. Weibo leakster says this time LG may use 21Mp With LG extras like (sony sensor) to set the bar high again. In G4 the front or selfie camera was 8MP, it is expected in G5 with same high-resolution.

G5 camera

Always On Display, Confirmed

Recently it has been confirmed that LG G5 will come with an Always On Display. The LG’s screen will always display an led clock and notifications on its screen. The feature is really useful and mostly at night it will be helpful to see the time and also notifications or messages on the go.


We have collected all the info here based on reports, leaks and some rumours. Let’s hope that Lg brings something new, great. improved and best in G5. Let us know if you like our LG G5 review and what rumors are saying and are you planning to buy this phone. Comment below to share your thoughts and views about LG G5. Share this Lg G5 review to your friends on Facebook, twitter etc. Follow on  twitterfacebookGooglePlus.


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