Lg V10 review, specs and features

This LG phones are good enough and worth write an article about, LG without any doubt is one of the largest electronics company and today we are here to summarize LG V10 Review, specs and features.

LG V10 is released in 2015 October. The phone has some killing qualities and hardware. The phone is to date the most powerful phone available in the market. So, let’s have a look at its awesome and stunning looks, features and specs.

LG V10 Review, Specs and Features


This phone Lg V10 has a unique design. It is little bit heavy , a little thick because at the heart of this phone is a steel frame. It doesn’t look like an aluminum or a polymer at all , so it’s steel . It’s back is removable and is covered with Duraskin which is grippy textured rubber and is resistant to scratches. Dura-skin offers good grip to keep the device from slipping and falling out of hand. V10 like G4 has sharp corners and a slightly rounded top and bottom. The fingerprint scanner is integrated into the power button, which is a new feature of Lg in V10.

LG V10 Design


Lg v10 features a 5 inch IPS display with quad HD resolution and the pixel density is 515 ppi, the display of Lg V10 is sharp ,beautiful and bright. There is a new thing about Lg V10 and that is its Secondary screen, so both the screens make the size closer to 6 inches. The secondary screen is for notification, Media controls, time and date, apps shortcuts etc. It is helpful in saving battery by keeping the primary display off.

Hardware and Performance

Lg V10 comes with an Octa Core Snapdragon 808 Qualcomm processor, it is clocked at 1.82 Ghz. LG V10 comes with 4 GB of RAM similar to LG recent Flagship G4. V10 has 64 GB storage which is quite enough for many users and you can also expand it via Micro SD dedicated slot upto 200 GB. . In hardware there is also a fingerprint scanner as mentioned earlier which is at its back, scanner helps to unlock device quickly and is secure, so Lg V10 gives smooth and fast performance which we can expect from any Current generation High end Smartphones. Overall its processing speed is good and LG V10 handles everything quite well and there are no reports of noticeable slow down.


Lg V10 has 16 Mp primary (2160p) camera with a f/1.8 aperture, a laser guided auto focus system and optical image stabilization. Similar to the Camera found in Lg G4 . It has two front facing 5MP cameras. These 80 degree and 120 degree front facing camera make V10 an awesome selfie machine . Unlike other Smartphone where in dual cameras one camera measures the depth or make 3D photos Lg V10 has these cameras just as an individual front facing shooter or Selfie Cameras. DSLR menu controls like G4 made their way to Lg V10 . In short add up some more good features in Lg G4 camera is Lg V10 camera.

LG V10 Camera


The Lg V10 features a 3000mAh with long battery life which means it will last a full day with average use. In case you are using it for taking a lot of pictures and playing games then it won’t last long and you will need to charge it, but don’t worry charging doesn’t take much long time.

This was LG V10 review, specs and features. Hope you like our review. Let us know about your views on LG V10 in the comments below. Please share it and subscribe to our blog if you are interested in Android. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.


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