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28 thoughts on “Install Magisk Pokemon Go Hack | Hide Root on Pokemon Go v0.37.0”
  1. Ermm, when I change the root toggle to off, it just moves itself back to on a second later… any ideas what the problem may be?

    Thanks for posting this all though, if it works, it’s an incredible workaround!

  2. If root is disabled by magisk, will the other apps that required root acess like xposed or greenify still able to gain root acess?

  3. I could not post my screenshot. Here’s what happened, everything’s fine however my selinux is in permissive by default and I could not use magisk because of that. Any suggestions?

  4. On a Rooted Samsung Galaxy S6, custom rom with root

    Following the instructions caused boot hang on splash screen(for 2hrs it sat there)
    Tried wiping cache and Dalvik Cache in recovery, now it is in a boot loop at the splash screen.

    Unsure what i’ve done wrong, any thoughts?
    I didn’t remove the existing root, could that have caused a problem?

  5. Would love to try this but can’t even install Magisk on my Samsung S5. Signature verification Issue. It’s a stock S5 never been rooted before so I guess this is a game I just won’t be playing.

    1. If your device isn’t rooted, then why you are installing magisk. Instead install Pokemon Go, it would work if your device is unrooted.

    2. I successfully installed magisk and whatnot and it’s working, however PoGo doesnt allow me to log in :/

  6. Hi there,
    need a little help. I have Elephone p8000 and pokemon go say it has root in it. I dont put it in so there must be something from factory. Download 3 file above, start recovery mod and it say No command! what should i do?

    1. Hi, I have the same probleme with Elephone P6000. When I start recovery mode, I juste have a bugdroid picture and nothing happens…
      I will try to install CWM recovery and maybe it will work
      Could someone help please?

  7. I try disabling it and it toggles back on automatically.. ?? great tutorial btw, i just wished it worked on my phone.

  8. I already have a rooted device with Super SU, do i need to install again?

  9. I am just a normal guy with a phone that I knwo the basics of. Can I do this too or will i have problems doing it?

    1. If you know rooting and custom recoveries, flashing etc and have did this before, then it’ll be alot easier for you. But if you are new then there will be a little difficulty for you. But you can do this with care and research.

  10. When root is disable using magisk ,
    whether pokemon go control of xposed also suspended ?

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