OnePlus 7 Real Life Image Leaks

It is a yearly occurrence now-a-days. OnePlus releases 2 devices every year. A regular ‘Flagship Killer’ and a mid of the year tweaked ‘T’ version. Last year’s OnePlus 6T was a great smartphone. Many tech youtubers recommended it and even put it in their best smartphones of 2018 list. So it is no surprise that the next OnePlus is so eagerly anticipated. The OnePlus 7 will have to fill big shoes as the previous OnePlus devices were everything the fans hoped they would be.


Oneplus 7 live-image

Earlier today a live image of The OnePlus 7 leaked indicating that the device will be devoid of many things and will adopt a few new tricks. First and most importantly, No Notch. Yes, none of that ugliness. Last year’s OnePlus 6 had a full sized Apple inspired notch which was reduced to a water-drop style one in the 6T. This year it looks like OnePlus will move away from the notch entirely. How you ask? A slider mechanism!

We have seen a few slider phones in 2018. OnePlus’s sibling company Oppo, released the FindX which had a mechanical sliding module. But leaks suggest we will see a more conventional approach to the sliding design from OnePlus. The slider will work by sliding the screen down. Just like the one on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Due to this sliding mechanism, the bezels have been reduced further and it looks as though they have managed to reduce the chin too. Nice!

But Something Looks Odd…

Take a closer look at the picture shown above. Notice something odd? No? The device is placed upside down. The volume button and the power button are all on the bottom. Either this is fake or it is meant to show a feature that the homescreen can rotate to fit the position of the phone. Sooner or later we are gonna find out.

OnePlus 7 Fan-Made Render

OnePlus 7 Fan-Made Render

Aside from the design changes, we expect every high-end component their is, to be featured. This includes the latest from Qualcomm, wireless charging, and Dash Charge from OnePlus itself.

To wrap it all up, we expect the OnePlus 7 to make an appearance at MWC this month. Be sure to keep following us for more information as it becomes available. Send us your thoughts about the design of the upcoming OnePlus 7. Did you expect or want something else? Or it looks good to you?

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