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  1. I did every step correctly and unfortunately, the Pokémon Go application does not contain a joystick. It installed the basic application only. Not sure why. While installing, I was alerted that there was an update in order to continue signing in. Perhaps this is the problem.

  2. anyone know of an ACTUAL 1.37.1 version?! everything I’ve found is not current even when listed as 1.37.1

  3. Why when I try yo sign in Cydia impactor at step 5, I always get error: provision.cpp:150, please sign in with an app-specific password. you can create one at I use the right pair of my apple user id and password. Anyone can help? thanks.

  4. Thanks, moreover the application is coupled with GoRadar ?

    However, It looks like we have to stay around the same GPS address
    How to move to another place without being banned ?

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