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19 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Hack 0.109.2/1.79.2 [Tutuapp] | Android/iOS”
  1. Has Tutuapp Pokémon go v0.39.1 hack for ANDROID place the “Directional Arrows” and the “Teleportation Menu”?
    The previous time when I download, there were no “Directional Arrows” and the “Teleportation Menu”.

    Only IPhone has the full hack but for Android not yet.

    If not up then when will it be ready. Please help.

  2. Is PokemonGO 1.9 in IOS can be installed? I tried several times but it keep say unable to downloaded. thanks

    1. Has Tutuapp Pokémon go v0.39.1 hack place the “Directional Arrows” and the “Teleportation Menu”?
      The previous time when I download, there were no “Directional Arrows” and the “Teleportation Menu”.

      If not up then when will it be ready. Please help.

  3. Can somebody help me?
    I used to play PoGO using this method since 0.33.0 – 0.37.0.
    And now I cant do anything cause if i download PoGO from tutuapp (latest version from website)
    it does NOT have joystick or anything. Anybody know whats going on?
    Phone; LG V20 Android 7.0

  4. Okay guys with the Tutu app in android. It states that they haven’t cracked the new securities in order for the hack to work they want you to search for “Youxi Fengwo” aka honeycomb. You will know it by the icon being a bee. After that download the Pokemon go hack via honeycomb app. The factory security on my Alcatel one touch fierce XL won’t allow me to down load it but I did it on my friends phone and her’s works fine. If you can’t read Mandrian I suggest you download Google translate so you can understand what you are downloading with Honeycomb’s Pokemon go they also suggest using a phantom vpn app too. To help keep you from getting banned. Hope this helps good luck

    1. I tried to download Honeycomb thru playstore from my Android handphone and after I install and when I open the Honeycomb it prompt me to install another Go theme App and after I install I cannot acces the Honeycomb at all.

      There is no Honeycomb app icon.
      This is not a solution for the the hack for Android handphone.

      Can anyone tell me when will TuTuApp Hack for Android handphone be out for the Joystick and Teleport menu for the version 0.39.1????

  5. Ok the pokemon go from tutu app is updated and working. …..but there is no longer the option to change locations or to use joystick. …wtf gives?

    1. Me too! I played hacked Pokemon go and it was quite good, but after the update the joystic, the teleport and other options disappeared! If someone know the solution, PLEASE TELL US!!! (Sorry for my bad English I’m not an English)

  6. I’ve re-installed both tutuapp and the modded pokemon go but the “update to continue “message still comes up was the update only for ios ?

  7. I can’t install tutuapp from the website. The tutuapps appear at my home screen but whenever the tutuapps going to complete the installation, it will prompt me Done/Retry.
    Is tutuapps down?

  8. Hi Bro Faiq Ahmed,

    Installed Tutuapp Pokemon Go 0.39.0 hack, encountered several problems soon after change coordinate:
    1. Pokestops won’t display any items
    2. Met Pokemon, encapsulate then run away
    Reinstall several times, still negative. What should I do? Please help. Much appreciated

    1. That’s a softban. In order to fix it, you just have to open the pokestop, spin it and close it 40x. On the 40th time, it will work and give you items, and the you can catch pokemons.

    2. You’re probably softbanned. You can click on a pokestop, spin it and then click out of the pokestop, do that for around 40 times and it will unsoftban you.

      1. Hi Bro Gus & Mark,

        Yeah I got it, thanks! With some video aid from utube, it sure helps a lot. Just now I understood that we need to update into Poke Go vers. 0.39.1 and the Tutuapp Poke Go Hack won’t do any good no more. Guess we need to wait Tutuapp to update latest hack, or you guys have any easy way? Pls do share, much appreciated.

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