Pokemon Go Account (Soft/Permanent) Banned, How to Un-ban Yourself?

So, You’re in love with this game “Pokemon Go“, you play day and night you spend money on your account and too many hours but then you get banned. It really sucks but you got banned probably because you were cheating. Also you cannot give up like that and Starting a new game from the scratch sucks too, you’ve spent too many hours on it. If you’re a big Pokemon Go fan and find yourself desperately trying to gain access to a banned Pokemon Go account, then keep reading.

You’re here to get un-banned, don’t worry we’ll help you.


Pokemon Go players are using hacks (like GPS or location spoofing) and tricks to play but Niantic is closely observing everything as most users are complaining that their account is experiencing a soft ban due to the usage of cheats and hacks. You can still walk around the game, see Pokemon but you could no longer catch Pokemon, collect PokeStops, or battle/claim a gym.

Steps to Un-ban yourself

We have tested and confirm that this method does work. Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm right now, you got banned and we just hope you learnt your lesson. Here this follow these steps to Un-ban Yourself

1. Find a local PokéStop, walk up to it and select it within the game.

2. Now, Spin the circle in the middle of the screen. You aren’t going to get anything because you’re banned, but trust us!

3. Close the PokéStop.

4. Repeat the whole process on the same PokéStop 40 times. Thats a lot but do it for forty times. On the 40th spin, you’ll get the good news, you’ll see that your Pokemon Go account has had its ban removed, and you will receive some free stuff to go along with your freshly cleansed account.

Permanent Banned Players Submit an Appeal

Being permanently banned from playing Pokemon Go must be hurting, so finding a way to get the ban overturned is something many have been looking into. There are some rules tho!

You will have to submit an appeal for getting Un-banned, submitting an appeal against a Pokemon Go ban does not necessarily mean that you will get back into the game, but it’s at least a first step in the process and one that needs to be taken if you really want to get back into catching and training Pokemon.

You can submit an appeal against your permanently banned Pokemon Go account


That’s all, and please don’t get yourself banned again! Where’s the fun in playing Pokemon Go using hacks and cheats? You’re better than that!


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