Fix Pokémon Go error ” Failed to detect location, GPS signal not found” 

The most popular game available for Android and iPhone on Playstore and App store respectively is breaking all the records. But the game isn’t officially available for some countries and that’s why people are downloading the game unofficially which leads to bugs like pokemon go location error or GPS signal not found because the game is blocked in their country.

They are however gradually releasing the game all over the globe and if somehow you managed to install the game you may receive an error related to GPS but don’t worry there are some solutions to this problem described below.

Download Pokemon Go On Android Any Country

Pokmon Go GPS Signal Not Found Error

pokemon go gps error

Many user are facing Pokemon Go Location error or GPS Signal not found in pokemon go error. This error occurs when the game is unable to fetch your location. Probably it happens because you have not enabled your GPS signal or full location sources in the settings.

Mostly this error occurs on Android phones. So, in order to resolve this error we come up with certain suggestion below fix pokemon GO GPS signal not found error.

Fix Pokémon Go Failed To Detect Location Error and Gps Signal Error

You can try out below steps if you are getting GPS signal not found or location error on pokemon go.

1- First of all you need to Check if your GPS is enabled or not, if it is on then turn it off and again turn on.

pokemon go gps error

2- Now when your GPS is on, ensure that the locating method is GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks not the GPS only.

pokemon go gps error

3- If your device is Android  enable developer options go to Settings > About Phone option and tap on Build Number for seven times. Now go to Developer options and uncheck the option ‘Allow mock locations’.

pokemon go gps error

These are some tricks to fix Pokemon Go ‘failed to detect location or GPS Signal not found error, if still you’re facing the problem reach us through comment box. Please share this with your friends and fellow. Also subscribe to our blog if you are interested in android.


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  1. Kuldeep says:

    Having problem in mi note 4
    As it jump in its original location continuously

  2. Dean says:

    Having problem with vivo phones…failed to detect location…i followed every step…

  3. Ajay says:

    My phone vivo v3 max and in that i can’t play with fly gps because error is “failed to detect location”

  4. azoeseroe says:

    Still getting same thing i did mock location

  5. Kayla Ortiz says:

    Still having the same problem on a samsung k7

  6. Nilesh patil says:

    Im still having the same issue .. in my Samsung e7 i can’t set any application for mock location. What to do

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