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People have been crazy to play Pokemon Go. Today I am going to share a new Pokemon Go Hack USA Union Square. Most of the other hacks have stopped working but this will work, giving you the joystick to walk while you are still in the same position. One of the best things about Pokemon GO Union Square hack is it will teleport you to Union Square in San Fransico with a joystick. You will appear at union square and start the game from there onwards.

To download and install Pokemon Go hack usa union square you can follow the instructions in this tutorial. Every other hack except this one and Pokemon Go++ has stopped working. And let me tell you one thing that Pokemon Go Union Square android hack is not available for now. This hack will only work on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

pokemon go union square hack

Pokemon Go Union Square Hack

You can download this hack via tutuapp which an appstore for downloading cracked apps and games for free. With every update, Niantec secures the vulnerabilities in its game. Which makes difficult to hack and crack the game. But as you know nothing is impossible. The open source developers keep bringing the hack for pokemon back.

Pokemon Go hack USA Union Square can be download for free from tutu app. Installation instructions are given below. You can follow them to install the hack successfully on your phone.

Install Pokemon Go Hack USA Union Square

The new Pokemon Go Union Square hack can be downloaded from tutuapp. It has joystick to bypass real life walking and teleport function. This hack starts you at USA Union Square, San Fransisco, when you first start the hacked game.

  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and Open Safari browser.
  2. Go this link,
  3. Now, on the upper right corner, Tap on Regular. Then tap on the Green Button below to download tutu app on your phone.(Skip this and continue to step 6 is tutuapp is already installed on your phone.)
  4. Tap on Install and accept all the onscreen popups.
  5. Now go to Settings>>Profiles. Trust the profile of tutu app that you just installed.
  6. Open the tutuapp.
  7. In the above search bar write Pokemon Go hack USA Union Square and search for it.
  8. In the search results, open the hack.
  9. Tap on the Green button to download it.
  10. Tap on Install and accept the onscreen popups.
  11. Once it is installed. Go to Settings>>Profiles and accept the profile of newly installed Pokemon Go Union Square hack.
  12. Launch the newly installed Pokemon Go hack. You will appear in Union Square, USA and have joystick on the screen.

That is all for today. If you face any problems with Pokemon Go Hack USA Union Square then comment below. Like it and share it. Bye, Take Care.

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