PUBG Mobile Tournament Offers $2 Million?

The Battle Royale craze continues. Fortnite keeps making a ton of money, Apex Legends strides forward with it’s successful run on PCs and people like my friends keep obsessing over PUBG Mobile. In all of this intense competition between players in games and game studios in real life, how do you launch a deadly offensive? Money!

When they say “Money is the name of the game“, Tencent, the team behind PUBG Mobile, takes it a little too seriously. After adding new maps, a slight visual overhaul and a couple of new features in the latest updates, Tencent is planning to launch a global tournament on PUBG Mobile. The tournament will span 2 seasons and will have a collective prize money of $2 Million. Yes, $2 MILLION!

PUBG Mobile

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Tell Me More About The Tournament…

The tournament will take place over a span of 2 seasons. Starting later this month, teams from all over the world will compete in a team based combat mode to determine who takes home the bulk of USD 2 Million. The first event called the Spring Split will run from March to July. The next event, the Fall Split, will run from August to December.

During these two events, Platinum and above rank players will battle it out in several stages to determine who comes out on top. Registration for the Spring Split are now open and will remain so till 18 March. The preliminary online battles commence on 22 March with all stages following suite. The final offline battle will take place in July.

The next leg of the tournament will then begin in August. That event will have its final match in December.

If you think your team has a shot a winning the whole thing, register here before time runs out. Already registered? Then don’t forget to keep us updated about the tournament. We will love to hear from you in the comments down below!


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