Qualcomm and LG working on Snapdragon 845 for the LG G7

In recent months Qualcomm accidentally revealed the name of its upcoming platform, the Snapdragon 845. We already heard that Samsung and Qualcomm are in talks to determine exactly which models will ship with the new Snapdragon inside.

Qualcomm and LG

The latest report suggests that LG is also interested in the Snapdragon 845 for its G7, which should be announced next year. It looks like both Qualcomm and LG are going to be working diligently to make sure that the Snapdragon 845 will power the company’s 2018 flagship.

Earlier this year, the company launched the LG G6 powered by last year’s Snapdragon 821 rather than the 835 that the Galaxy S8 houses. So, next this is gonna be fun. Both Samsung’s and LG’s flagships will be shipped with 845.

However, this rumor also states that the SoC will be manufactured on the 7nm FinFET architecture and seeing as how difficult it was to reduce the manufacturing node from 14nm to 10nm.

In a leak, specifications of the Snapdragon 845 detail a 10nm FinFET architecture. With this new alliance, LG could stand against Samsung, at least in the hardware department.

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