Reasons why PCs are Best for Gaming

When it comes to gaming the first thing pops up in my mind is PC and even if you’re talking about hardcore gaming PC’s are best. It is maybe, because PC gaming is the most affordable and for a lot of people it’s also the best value, for a multitude of reasons. The war between gaming consoles and PC’s is never ending there is an insane amount of PC gamers and just like that an insane amount of console gamers too.

There is a lot of difference between both of these gaming platforms. Both have their own set of advantages but when someone asks or tries to find out which is the best amongst these gaming rivals, yes you know the answer ‘PC’. PC is something that is getting more and more advanced day by day, and now you’ve to pay premium prices because of the advancements.



So, now let me solve this conundrum for you guys “why one must own a $1,000 PC to play the same games that can be played on a $500 console?”

You’ll find its solution, when you will play the same game on some console and then on PC. “Oh, the gaming console sucks!” Because the game looks better than it will ever look on consoles, apart from looking better, it will also perform better and will have the support for higher resolutions. There’s no need to fight, all gamers are like a family and this article is purely based on experience with PCs and gaming consoles. Let’s see what are some other reasons that make Pc best for gaming.

Higher Resolution Support

Top reason ‘higher resolution support’ Yes, while the console gamers are happy with their 900p/1080p, the PC gamers are enjoying the resolutions beyond what the console gamers can think of, currently, the most common resolution for most of the PC games is 1440p, “no shit Sherlock”. And with enough money 4K is not a thing, you can go for that. Thing is you just can’t compare PCs with Consoles in resolution matters. I think resolution is all that matters for gamers.

Better upgrade path

Another one! Not only PCs come with the ability to play games at higher resolution, they also have the ability to be upgraded. If your PC is not able to play some game as it should, you can always go for the upgrade option. There are limitlesss options to choose from and even if you go for used hardware, it won’t be much of a problem. Let me give you the example, Fallout 4, the game was plagued by frame-rate drop on consoles, console gamers had to wait an entire month for the patch to restore the frame-rate to 30 frames per second. And PC gamers Played and finished the game at 60 frames per second.



There again, PC gamers have an endless choice of peripherals. You’re not thinking about playing racing games on keyboard, right? Because they have racing wheels as well as controllers for them too. PC gamers also get to enjoy 3rd party manufacturers just as Steel Series, Razer, ThermalTake.


You already know that PC gamers love modding. When games tend to get boring they mod and just so you know they’ve modded the hell out of games like Witcher 3 , Fallout 4. And what’re you thinkin? Modding isn’t just for fun because some mods are methods of fixing several issues with games that are overlooked by the developers. Take Witcher 3 for instance, had an issue with crafting an armour in which the crafting diagram required an armour piece from an entirely different armour set. It didn’t seem like a big issue but when you go looking for that armour piece, you realise that it is missing from the game entirely. It took hours and modders fixed the issue. I’m not saying console don’t support mods but PC is the place if you want to mod properly.

In short PC’s are best for gaming, always will be. PC gamers have lots and lots of choices.


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