Droidopinions Online Scholarship Program

Droidopinions is a technology blog related to Android and iOS news, firmware updates, how-to tutorials and free apps and games similar to Tutuapp or GTA 5 Android.

We are covering the latest technology news for about two years now. And due to the evolution in our life that is made by technology and IT in the category of Business, marketing and Communication. We are offering our Online Scholarship program to High School and University students who have the potential and passion to change lives through Information Technology.

We are providing this $1200 Online scholarship program because we know the importance of Computer Science in Online field and we want to financially help undergraduates and fresh graduate students to start their dream plans.

We will select the two candidates for this Online Scholarship. One will be a winner and one will be a runner-up.

Which Students Can Apply

Students that are studying in the field related to, Computer Science, IT, Communication, Software, AI, Online Marketing or Business.

How to Apply

Students from college or university can apply. You have to submit your student card or any proof that you are a student of a particular university or college you are studying in.

You need to Submit a fine piece of 800-1200 words written content that can be related to Technology, Marketing, Communications, Android and iOS (eg: Fly Gps, LG G4 Bootloop, LGUP Tool)

About Scholarship

Award Amount:

Total: $1200

Two candidates will be selected by our Team. A winner and a runner-up. Winner will be awarded $1000 and runner-up will be awarded $200.
An Email will be sent to the selected candidates.

Amount will be paid via Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer within One month after the selection.

Last Date to Apply:

25 November, 2017.


Submit your Application Here

To apply for Droidopinions 2017 scholarship. You can fill out the form below. Click on the links below and fill out the form and submit.

  • Fill out your Full Name.
  • Fill out your Address.
  • Fill out Institute name.
  • Fill out Area of Studies.
  • Upload the Written Content related to Computer Science, IT, Communication, Software, AI, Online Marketing, Business, Android, iOS of 800-1200 words.
  • Provide proof of enrollment in the institute. Upload a JPEG/PNG file of Student ID or Admission slip etc or anything that specifies your enrollment.