How To Set Up And Use IAP Cracker

What is IAP Cracker? IAP Cracker is a neat tool that helps you get in-app purchases for free. In-app purchases are purchases from within apps. While playing games you see some add-on type extra powers that can be achieved only by purchasing them (In App).

To use IAP Cracker, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia. Jailbreaking offers a lot of freedom but also leaves you vulnerable. The phone won’t be as stable, the apps won’t always be stable and there are some apps that you really shouldn’t install. It is your device, so, use your judgement.

Mostly all in-app purchases are either paid or can be installed only when you get some points. But, normally most of the in-app purchases are paid. There are couple of jailbreak users who have found out the solution. They are using iAP Cracker Cydia tweak.

Set Up IAP Cracker

IAP cracker requires Cydia to work which comes with most jailbreak apps. If you don’t have Cydia, you can download it here. Now;

  • Launch Cydia and select Search.
  • Next, Search for IAP Cracker and your iOS version.
  • Install the latest version.

Cydia search can be a little hit and miss so there is another way to install IAP Cracker if it doesn’t work. You might be lucky and be able to find the app immediately. Open Cydia and add a repository.

Use ‘’ as the repository as it has a copy of IAP Cracker.

Search for IAP Cracker and install it.

You will also need AppSync installed for IAP Cracker to function properly. Do a Cydia search for AppSync and install that too. Without being signed the iPhone will not run the app.

Using IAP Cracker

Once IAP Cracker and AppSync are installed, you should be able to use them both. Open the IAP Cracker app and select any of your installed apps that has in-app purchases and buy something.

You should be taken directly to the download, install or confirmation page rather than the payment page. If you are taken to the payment page as you normally would be, IAP Cracker isn’t working correctly. In that case, make sure AppSync is installed and working. Reboot your iPhone and repeat the process then check again.

IAP Cracker also doesn’t support every game or app (server based games and specifically). Alternative apps that do much the same thing include iAPFreeLocaliAPStore or iAPCrazy. If you are using the very latest iOS version, there may not be a jailbreak of compatible Cydia version available. Cydia currently supports iOS 10.3.3 but as iOS updates, Cydia will always be a short way behind as the developers work to catch up.


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