How to Setup and Use Siri on Apple Watch

Siri uses your voice to activate and answer queries. It can handle complex questions and commands. This makes Siri ideal for the Apple Watch, where it can often work faster and more conveniently.

Setting up Siri on Apple Watch

If you’ve ever turned Siri on for your iPhone, it’ll automatically be activated on your Apple Watch. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to the Siri setting. Tap the On/Off slider to enable Siri for iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to use Siri on Apple Watch

There are several ways to interact with the Apple Watch, including the Force Touch display that can differentiate between a touch and a press. To access Siri on the Apple Watch, you can either press and hold the Digital Crown or simply raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri”. Whatever way you use to activate Siri, keep in mind that everything is processed via your iPhone. Unlike Siri on your iPhone, your Apple Watch is always silent when talking with you — you’ll only see text in response to a query.

Note: Hey Siri will only activate in the first few seconds that your Apple Watch screen is on.

Manually activate Siri on your Apple Watch

  • Press and hold the Digital Crown.
  • State your question or command to Siri.

New in watchOS 4 is the Siri watch face, which, in addition to easy access to Siri itself, offers quick, glanceable cards featuring information important to you.

Raise your wrist or tap on your Apple Watch’s display to activate it. Press firmly on your Apple Watch’s display. Swipe to the left through the series of available watch faces until you get to the end. Tap the + button. Scroll through the list. Tap on the Siri watch face.

Use Siri to get directions on Apple Watch

You can ask Siri how to get somewhere, and the Maps app will open with directions to your destination.

Use Siri to get sports scores on Apple Watch

You can ask Siri for the scores. “Did Juventus win the football?” will bring up the results right there on the Apple Watch screen.

  • Use Siri to launch apps on Apple Watch.
  • Use Siri to set alarms on Apple Watch.
  • Use Siri to make phone calls on Apple Watch.
  • Use Siri to send messages on Apple Watch.

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