Siri Tips and Lesser Known Features

There are many iOS users who don’t know everything that Siri can do on iOS 10 and iOS 9. Siri can do a lot of things, in fact there is an endless list of Siri features. With these you can turn your digital personal assistant into a powerful force to answer your questions instantly.

There are hidden Siri features and tricks that only come to light when you get past the basics of setting an alarm and making a phone call. It’s not like that these features are unreachable or involve jailbreaking, these are available to everyone on iOS 9 or higher, but most users have no clue that these features exist. In our list these Siri features are lesser known and we expect everyone will learn a few tricks.

1. Use Hey Siri for Hands free Access

If you own iPhone 6s or 6s Plus you can say, “Hey Siri” anytime to access all the features listed below. If you own an older device you’ll need your device to be plugged in power for this. You don’t need to be connected to power for this to work (on iPhone 6 and 6s) and it is an awesome way to build Siri into your daily life. Use it to check the weather, set timers, turn off all alarms and much more.

Turn this on by going to Settings > Siri > Hey Siri > On.

2. Check Sports Scores, and everything

To check sports scores, schedule, sports news and more just ask Siri what the score is for the team name, or ask when the team plays next to get ready to watch. You can ask, Did the “team name” win? How did “team name” do last night? And other whatever you wanna know about your team.

3. Remind Me About This

‘Remind me about this’ will help you when you are looking at a webpage or an app, Siri will take what you are looking at add it to a reminder. Also you can say remind me at a certain time and you’ll no longer need to describe it in a reminder.

4. Get an Uber With Siri

Siri’s ability to connect to a variety of apps allows you to Get an Uber, say get me an Uber home to a specific place and you’ll see the ride summary with an option to book it. To set this up in Settings > Siri > App Support and be logged in to the Uber.

5. Find Photos Using Siri

With Siri you can find photos using time and location. Simply say “Show me photos from last week” or you can go with last year. You can also say show me photos from a specific city or location and you’ll see your photos.

6. Convert Measurements

Say, “How many x are in y?” and Siri can convert the measurements for you. You can convert all physical quantities.

7. Search for Recent Tweets

What is person’s name saying? It will show you their recent tweets, you can also ask what a brand or website is saying.

8. Control Music and Apple Music

Tell Siri you want to listen to music or tell Siri you want to hear a specific artist and the and the app can start playing your iTunes library. Also works with radio, you can say Play Name Radio and it will start playing.

9. Check the Amount of Calories in Food

You can ask Siri, “How many calories are in a chicken sandwich?” or any other food item.

10. Calculate the Tip

You can Ask Siri” How much is a 10% tip on a $52.24 bill?” The service calculates the amount and shows you the amount to tip, and the total amount, you don’t need calculator anymore.

11. Solve Math Problems

You can solve easy math problems like adding fractions and decimals or finding square roots and more just ask Siri and you’ll likely get an answer instantly.

12. Open Specific Settings

Siri is there for you all the time to open specific settings say “Open Wi-Fi Settings.” or similar to quickly jump to a specific settings page.

13. Find the Time in Another City

To find the time in another city ask Siri “What time is it in California?” and you’ll see and hear the time as well as how many hours ahead or behind they are.

14. Find Movies Playing at Your Favorite Theater

What movies are playing at a specific theater “What’s playing at the theatre name?”

15. Get Voice Feedback All the Time

Siri can read back your messages before sending them and talk back to you when you ask, to turn feedback on, go to Settings > General > Siri > Voice Feedback > On. Now Siri will talk whenever you ask for something. You can also choose to only hear this when using a handsfree device. A recent upgrade allows you to set this to work with the mute switch on the side of the iPhone so that you will only hear voice feedback when your phone is not on silent.


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