Snapchat update 2017, What’s New

Good news for Yellow app lovers. Snapchat rolled out an update that brings a new look, puts the search bar everywhere in the app and delivers the best Snapchat experience yet. The app is now a bit more colorful and has a blue bar on top for Chats and a purple bar for Stories. Now search bar is always accessible on top, no matter where you are in the app. Here are details of new features that Snapchat has rolled out with its latest update. So, Stop snapping and start reading!

Snapchat Search Bar

In this snapchat update the first thing you’re probably going to notice is the Search Bar. You’ll now see the Snapchat search bar on the camera screen, chat screen and on Stories. Just a click and you can search for someone in particular, find friends, contacts, and so much more. You can type or swipe left or right at the bottom to switch between recent contacts, new friends to add and an option to find new contacts. The only page the Search bar doesn’t show up on is the Discover page.

You can find whatever you want as it divides the results into sections including Quick Chat, Groups, My Friends, and New Friends. The Universal search bar makes it very simple to find your friends and watch their stories by just typing in their name, meaning you won’t have to wade through all those random Snapchat stories you don’t actually care about.

Bitmoji Access

Now your Bitmoji is all over Snapchat. You know how before in a chat with someone, if they were reading your convo or creeping your messages, a lil’ circle would appear in the lower left corner of the chat. In this update if you open a convo, your Bitmoji will just appear as is, but if you’re creeping a convo, your sneaky little Bitmoji will be creeping from the corner. If you don’t use Bitmoji it will show a ghost, so it’s a good idea to sign up and set up a Bitmoji character even if you don’t use the app outside of Snapchat. Tap on your Bitmoji to instantly bring up your Snap profile in order to get your Snapchat profile information.

Global Snapchat Story

Now, if you have something to say about a global event you can take part in global Snapchat Stories. You can add your take on what’s happening without actually being where the Story is taking place.

The new update is already available, so if you’re interested in trying out the new features, just update your app via the Google Play Store. In case you don’ t have the app installed on your device, don’t worry and download from here.

What do you think of Snapchat’s latest update? Share your views down in the comments.



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