Sony Xperia Z6 Review, Release date and Features

Sony release new flagship after every 6 months, which means their developers are working on a new model right now because they released their Z5 back in October 2015. Here we are gonna write all info we have about their upcoming flagship Sony Xperia Z6 including features,specs,release date and rumours. Xperia Z6 will bring much more this time because the competition is very tough now this year and many phones are about to land. So, Xperia users should see below to know about their new Sony Xperia Z6.

The review, our thoughts and some of the expectations that we have on Sony Xperia Z6 will be discussed today in this article. Expected release date and some of the features that are claimed about xperia z6 are listed below. It will be nice if you also comment below to give your thoughts about Z6.

Xperia Z6 Review

Expected Release date

 Like many upcoming phones the release date of Sony Xperia Z6 is more likely to be round about February 2016. It will be a great phone with an awesome design. Sony Xepria lovers would be impatient to get their hands on this phone but till its release they can head over below to know what Sony Xperia Z6 will bring. The features and specs of Xperia Z6 are below.

Sony Xperia Z6 Features

Some of the features that are heard about the xperia z6 are here. Although the previous Xperia Z5 was not that much admired but Xperia Z6 will have some guts and why not, folks. This is 2016. The battle of smartphones which is about to begin will be tougher than 2016 and I think this time Sony Xperia Z6 will easily get in Top 4.

Xperia Z6 Display

There is a chance that this time Sony may use Full Hd(1080p),QHD or UHD and display sizes 4.7 inch, 5.2 inch or 5.5 inch.A rumor spread on November 22 indicates that Sony Xperia Z6 display may feature Sony’s own design (Force Touch technology).it is a rumour but it would be a smart decision, keep in mind that their previous smartphone Z5 premium had 4K ultra HD display.Most likely it seems that Z6 will come up with full HD(1080p) display.

Xperia Z6 Display

Xperia Z6 design

Actually Sony Xperia devices don’t surprise us with design, there are very few design surprises because Sony is still maintaining its OmniBalance beauty across its entire Xperia android smartphones.This OmniBalance thing was first debuted on Xperia Z,so it is most likely that Z6 will employ Sony’s OmniBalance design but it would be much better for Sony if Z6 would look a bit different.These things give us a cue that we will see Z6 as a usual flat,rectangular shaped and covered with glass smartphone.There is another rumour about Xperia Z6 that it will be a waterproof smartphone.

Xperia Z6 Design

Sony Xperia Z6 Camera

Z6 is a successor of Z5 and Z5 came with an amazing 23 MP rear and 5 MP front or selfie camera which was very large for smartphone photography.For your information Sony is one of the biggest photo sensor manufacturer in the world that’s why Sony smartphones are always shipped with good cameras.So it is expected that this time they might not be increasing the pixel count but may improve other camera functionalities in Sony Xperia Z6.

Xperia Z6 Camera


This time in Xperia Z6 Snapdragon 820 is expected which is Qualcomm’s latest chipset, it was unveiled earlier this year. Last year Sony used Snapdragon 810 in Xperia Z5 which Plagued by rumors of overheating, so it is likely that they are not gonna use it again.

The new thing in Snapdragon 820 is “Kryo” (64 bit Quadcore GPU) which is more powerful and twice faster than Krait.There is another possibility that they may use another manufacturer chip like MediaTek but it seems unlikely because Sony’s history is different. They never did so before.

Sony Xperia Z5 came with 3GB of RAM and the rumors suggests that this time Sony Xperia Z6 will come up with 4GB of RAM moreover Snapdragon 820 can support this memory so it seems likely. When it comes to internal Storage we cannot guess it easily but may be this time they add up 32GB to their previous model Z5 storage and it would become 64GB and microSd slot may be available in Z6 as in Z5 was.


The most recent flagship of SONY Xperia Z5 ran on Android 5.0 Lollipop and it looks more likely that Sony Xperia Z6 will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is the latest android version. Android 6.0 Marshmallow has improvements like battery saving, finger print scanner support and type C USB support.

So this was our review and expectations about Sony Xperia Z6. Hope you like it. Suggestions and questions can be asked in the comments below. Please share to your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. Follow us on  twitterfacebookGooglePlus.


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