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Tasker is a paid app available for all the Android devices on Play Store. Tasker is a great way to automate actions in your Android smartphone. When it comes to automation Tasker is the only name which pop-ups to mind. It can do almost anything you want once you figure how to use it.

We will show you some cool things that you can do with Tasker without having to root your smartphone. In this article, we are going to show very useful Tasker profiles and how you can activate them.

Disable auto-rotate for certain apps

The app screen auto-rotate is actually useful but it can be annoying. Of course, you can disable it but how many times are you going to turn it on and off? That’s where Tasker comes.

With Tasker, you can disable auto-rotate in certain apps so that changing the orientation of your smartphone doesn’t rotate your screen as well.

That’s how;

Create new profile, select application then choose your desired app. Create a New task and tap the “+ ” icon. Select “Display” then set “Display Autorotate” to ON. For the apps you want to use this feature.

Keep screen on while Reading

There are many apps available on the Play Store which would satisfy the reader in you. While smartphones are good for reading, we are often annoyed when the screen turns off. Well, with Tasker, you can keep the screen on while reading on certain apps. This way, the screen will remain on while that specific app is open.

That’s how;

Create new task, name it. Tap on the “+” button, select “Display” and then “Display Timeout“. Increase the limit to your desired level and save the task. Go to “Profile” then tap the plus icon and select “Applications“. Choose the applications for which you want to keep the screen on.

Automatically play music on plugging in earphones

People often listen to music while working out in the gym, travelling or studying. Well, if you are a music lover and couldn’t wait to start playing music as soon as you plug in earphones. With Tasker, you can automatically launch the music app and play music immediately after you plug in the earphones.

That’s how;

Create a new profile, select “State” and then “Hardware“. Choose “Headset plugged“. Create new task, select “launch application“ Choose music app.

Sleep Timer

If you listen to music and fall asleep, the audio playback won’t stop. Which means battery drain or you may wake up in the middle of the night. So, don’t worry, Tasker can kill audio playback after a specific time.

That’s how;

Create new task and tap the “+ ” button. Go to “media” then “Media Controls ” and select “Stop ” under “cmd“. Choose the music app.

To trigger this action, Go to your widgets menu look for task timer. Drag the widget to your home screen. It will prompt you to link it a task. Select the “Sleep Timer” task you created in the first step.

Automatically lower ringtone Volume

If you are someone who often forgets to lower ringtone volume at your workplace or during college lectures, you can use Tasker. With Tasker, you can automatically lower the ringtone volume during specific hours.

Put your phone in silent mode by turning it upside down

If you happen to own a smartphone which doesn’t come with this functionality, you can use Tasker. Turning your phone upside down will put it in silent mode.

That’s how;

Navigate to Profile and select state. Next, head towards Sensor and select Orientation. A menu will appear from which you need to select Face down. Now, create a New Task and, click  “+” icon. Go to Audio and click on silent mode.

Lock your smartphone by shaking it

If you are concerned about your smartphone’s power button malfunctioning, you should use Tasker which lets you lock your smartphone by shaking it.

That’s how;

Create a new profile. Go to “Events” and then “Sensor “. Select “Shake ” and enter your preferences for axis, sensitivity and duration. Create a new task and tap the “+ ” icon. Click “Display” then “System lock“.

Launch your flashlight app by shaking your phone

Flashlight is Useful thing and turning it on by shaking your Smartphone is cool. Shake the phone in the orientation you require and the number of times needed, and the flashlight app is toggled on.

That’s how;

Go to “Profile” in Tasker and click on “Event.” Click “sensor” and click on “Shake.” Now choose your preference, create a new task and tap on “+” icon. Click on “Application” and tap on your preferred flashlight icon.

Turn android lockscreen off in trusted locations

It could become annoying to keep having to unlock your device when you’re at home or work and all by yourself.

That’s how;

Create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen OFF “) and tap the “+ ” button. Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings ” and “Root actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock OFF “.

Create an entry task (name it “Lockscreen ON”) and tap the “+” button. Select “Plugin“, “Secure Settings” and “Root actions” that order. Set “Pattern lock ON“.

Create new profile. Select “State “, “Net ” and “Wi-Fi connected” in that order. Enter the SSID of your home Wi-Fi network. Link to the “Lockscreen OFF ” Task.
Long press the profile and add an exit task. Select “Lockscreen ON“.

Battery saving mode

When your battery is low, Tasker can toggle to set a battery saver mode on. Go to Profile, then State and select “Power“. Choose “Battery Level ” and set the desired range. Create new Task and tap the “+ ” icon. Select “Net ” and turn Bluetooth off, auto sync off, Wi-Fi off and Mobile data off.

Night mode

Save battery and avoid unnecessary disturbance by turning some Features off. Create a new profile and select time. Choose the desired time range. Create a new task and tap the “+ ” icon. Go to “Audio” then set Silent mode ON or vibrate.

Go to “Net ” and turn auto sync OFF and Wi-Fi OFF.

Well, that’s it! These were some simple things, but, to do some advanced stuff, you will need root access.

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