Tasker v4.9 Update, Non-root firewall, S-Pen features, and More

If you never heard of Tasker before then you might wanna know what it is.

Well, Tasker goes to infinity, and beyond

Tasker is an app “an automation app”, It’s been around for a while, evolving out of Apt for WebOS, and it has only gotten more and more powerful as the years have gone by, thanks to the addition of more and more APIs by Google that the developer has offered up to users as new functions and features.

Tasker does too many things, the easiest explanation is Tasker is an automation app that takes advantage of Android’s versatility to help you do a lot more. Like, Tasker can turn on the Bluetooth for you when you get in the car. Want to disable your lockscreen while you’re at home? Tasker can do that. Want to hack together your own personal assistant to read out texts and caller ID while driving, and dictate responses? Tasker can do that, and one of its plugins can do it even better. In short, Tasker can replace many apps and perform all their functions instantly.

Tasker makes things happen when you want, either manually or automatically. Tasker can interact with other apps and piggyback their functions. The plugin framework of Tasker has worked well to bring more and more features to the app from different developers. With this new update v4.9, Tasker gets a bunch of new features, let’s go through the highlights.

Highlights of the Update

A new non-root firewall can now take advantage of Android Nougat’s VPN. There’s also some love for Samsung Note phablets that have the S-Pen, and also new support for files in an external SD card.

New Network Access control

You are given 4 different options to control the network access on the device: Allow All, Allow, Deny All, or Deny. If you select ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ you are given the option to choose which particular apps you would like to allow or deny network access for.

New Toggle Split Screen action

This action is located under the App action category. Just as before, this action is contained in a Task and thus must be coupled with a Context that triggers a Task. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can directly open both apps of your choosing using this action, as Tasker only toggles multi-window so you will have to do it manually.

New Pen Out and Pen Menu states

These are new State Contexts, where Tasker can now react to when a user removes the Samsung S Pen from the device holder or when the S Pen Air Button menu is displayed.

Support for External SD Cards

Now, the Tasker has been updated to use the new external SD access API. When you select any action in the File category, you will now see a small SD card icon in the bottom right hand corner of Tasker’s internal file browser, so that you can select files.

Added support for native Back Button and Recents Button. You don’t have to rely on third-party plug-ins for your UI navigational needs, as you can create your very own navigation app using Tasker.

Added support for displaying the Power Menu on the device. Using this and the AutoInput plug-in, you can now automate rebooting your device if your device has a reboot function in the power menu.

Uses the new media button API in Android 7.0+, which should fix any issues users are having with media button input from Tasker.

If you don’t use Tasker but looking for options in automating your daily processes in Android Tasker is a paid app which will more than make up for its price in terms of convenience, once you learn to use it correctly. If you’re already a user here is the link to updated version.



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