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  1. I’ve had the tutu app for about a month now, it came up yesterday on Pokemon go that I need to update and there was no option to do anything so I deleted and tried to re-install both apps. Now tutu won’t download at all, it says “tutu app cannot be installed at this time ” I’ve tried everything ! Help anyone ?

  2. Not good! Looks like as soon as I move I get banned! Why is this so? Aren’t we supposed to be able to collect poke balls and catch Pokemon anywhere and everywhere with this app? Plus I keeps freezing! I downloaded and installed both the 1.15 and the 1.17 and they are both giving me the same problem. The only reason I downloaded this was for the teleportation aspect. I think I’m better off with go++ even if I can’t teleport, at least I can move around and play!

  3. Afff, Baixei Pokemon Go No Tutuapp mais quando abro não Tem o Joystick ;-; Oq eu Faço ???? Meu Celular é o Gran Prime……… Alguém Me AJUDAAAA

  4. Afff, Baixei Pokemon Go No Tutuapp mais quando abro não Tem o Joystick ;-; Oq eu Faço ???? Meu Celular é o Gran Prime

  5. I need help it says unable to download app tutu helper regular version(free) could not be downloaded at this time. I’m on iOS

  6. Good app.still trying to figure out to switch it to English and hoping for a new update for Pokemon go.says there is one and won’t let me play it.

  7. Help I’m on Android and every time I click the download button on tutuapp website it won’t let me install it just says can’t open file

  8. Can’t do any action. nothing appear after pokestop spinning, training error and all Pokémon ran away.
    What setting is needed?

    • Your soft banned, what you have to do is go to a poke stop spin it exit out and spin it again, you have to do it 40 times

  9. i was able to download the tutuapp but when i clicked the pokemon logo i’m getting Parse error after installing it 🙁

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