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14 thoughts on “Download Tutuapp iOS without Jailbreak | Tutu App for iOS”
  1. I’m having problems with the app,I want it for my IPad but tells me only for IPhone,

  2. When I try to download the tutu app application it says unable to compete download. Please help… Tnxxx

  3. Having issues downloading, its starts then pops up saying it cant finish the download is that because of an issue with my phone or the app its self

  4. After installing the TutuApp I experienced problems with my Pokemon Go account:
    For example:
    Pokestop doesn’t work anymore. I cannot get any balls of extra bennefits.
    I cannot get any pokemons anymore, they go away and i cannot try to catch them.
    is this a bug? Can I reinstall the TutuApp in any way? Removing the app doesn’t work.
    Please advice!

    1. Now u must download original game…after deleting the old game…u must not use tutuapp for downloading
      Use original site

    2. You have to spin a poke stop 40 times after each one going out of the poke stop and going in to the same one

  5. It starts downloading after long time and when downloading is finished then it it is not opened

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